Thursday, December 23, 2010

Movin' On Up

Rose has mastered the talent of pulling herself up to standing in the last week. She hasn't, however, discovered the continued benefits of bending her knees and all the great things that can be accomplished with this simple move - for instance, sitting back down or moving your foot forward without having to tilt your whole body to the side. Everyday, though, she gets more and more familiar with the proper walking motion. And yesterday, not only did she pull herself up to standing on an empty box, but she walked behind it as she pushed it across the living room floor. I could hardly believe my eyes. Luckily, I was able to capture some of this journey:

In the past few days, Rose has pulled herself up on all sorts of things - the window sill, the coffee table, the tupperware drawer (yes, she's forgiven it), her baby rocking chair, the bath tub, and her car seat (helping mom adjust the straps).

When I picked Rose up from daycare a few days ago, one of the teachers looked at Rose and asked "How big is Rose?" Rose looked at me, and with her newest version of a fake laugh she raised her arms above her head - a motion I'd never seen her do before. She seems to forget this one, too, once in a while, but I caught it before bath time. "So big!"

In other news, Rose continues to work on her long list of new baby ailments. Yesterday, we found out that Rose has a case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. It sounds horrible, I know. But luckily it seems to be a pretty mild episode this time. The sad part is that the virus decided to take advantage of the compromised skin from Rose's healing diaper rash, so the majority of the sores showed up in her diaper region. Ouch. The upside is that her hands, feet and mouth were barely infected at all. And she seems pretty happy for someone afflicted with a disease that sounds like it's meant for barnyard animals. Here she is this morning enjoying her eggs and wishing her Papa a Happy Birthday!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Stats: 9 Months

Rose got a clean bill of health at her nine month appointment yesterday, except for a nasty diaper rash that turns out to be a yeast rash. Yeast rashes are pretty common in infants, especially after a round of antibiotics. They are super itchy and uncomfortable, but the good news is they are easy to treat. Rose should be back to normal after a few days of foot cream in place of her diaper cream. Who knew?

Rose's stats are still coming in about the same percentages as always:
Weight: 16 lbs, 13 oz -- 19%
Length: 28 inches -- 70%
Head Circ: 42.5 cm -- 24%

Her neck is still a bit tight and she is still favoring one side, so her pediatrician recommended continuing with her PT for the time being. But she doesn't seem concerned with the long term effects, so we're on the right path.

Rose was a superstar, as always, during the appointment. This time she didn't make a peep when they gave her a shot in her thigh. The only thing that set her off was getting her head measured. When the nurse wrapped the tape measure around her head, she didn't just protest, she completely lost it. I don't know if she was scared or angry, but she was not happy!

After the appointment, Rose accompanied me to the grocery story to help out with some shopping. Now that she's big enough to sit in the shopping cart, she really seems to enjoy these errands. Here she is listening to the grumpy checkout girl complain to her manager about having to stay late.

"Seriously lady, you should try having someone measure your head circumference!"

And here she is goofing in the elevator on the way to the car. Silly girl!

 "Who? Me?"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tupperware Party

Even with Beaver football season coming to a close, Rose had another busy weekend this past weekend. She woke up Saturday morning and was ready to get to being a busy girl straight away, crawling from one room to another. Rose's crawl has become a very purposeful and steady crawl. Gone are the days of forgetting how to get onto all fours and being left to sit, head down, arms straight crying in frustration.

Rose took a break to check out her new indestructible book from Great Grandma Carol. Skeptical of the "unrippable" claim, Rose really gave the book a run for its money (now, who does that sound like?). But the book held up and continues to be one of Rose's favorites right now.

After a good read, Rose threw a tupperware party in the kitchen. 

Having been granted access to the tupperware drawer, Rose entertained herself (and her parents) for quite a while - until the inevitable finger smash when she accidentally shut the drawer with her hand inside. Try as we might to not make a big deal about a small harm, Trevor and I both let out audible gasps at the swift and definitive clunk with which the drawer closed. There was a moment of silence as all three of us held our breath, shattered quickly of course by Rose's loud, big tears. She was easily comforted with a cuddle, relocation and a new toy. But she has yet to re-visit the drawer.  

After all that partying, Rose was ready for a rest. A weekend wouldn't be complete without a nap with Papa.

On Sunday, Rose decided we were all going to sleep in until 8am for the second day in a row. Thank you Rose! After we woke, Trevor started us out with a yummy breakfast - french toast with peanut butter for me and a scrambled egg yolk for Rose. Rose loves eggs! After breakfast, inspired by the 60 degree weather, the three of us made it out for a rare family run. That evening, Grandma Kathy came over to watch Rose while Trevor and I enjoyed an adult night out for one of our holiday events. We left looking very seasonal in our red and green.

 Tomorrow is Rose's nine month check-up. Nine months! I'm excited to see the new stats for our little munchkin. Stay tuned....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wishy-Washy Washer Woman

One of the fun things about the age Rose is at right now is that the most mundane things by our adult standards are fascinating and even exciting to Rose. We've seen how much she loves banging wooden spoons against pots, but the wooden spoon all by itself is usually entertainment enough. Still, to this day, she starts bouncing up and down when she spies the spoon, which I hang on the side of the kitchen island.

Recently, Rose has discovered the dishwasher. When she sees that it's open, she gets on all fours, puts her head down and makes the long, slippery journey across the kitchen floor, just to touch the white cage that holds the mysterious round green objects. "That's a plate. Plate. Puh-late" (This is how a lot of our conversations go lately.) This makes doing dishes with a baby to entertain a lot easier for me. I no longer have to run back and forth like a mad woman - from the kitchen to load a dish, then the hallway to pluck up my daughter and replace her in my line of sight, then back to the kitchen to load another dish, then to the living room to distract Rose from a tangle of wires, then back to the get the idea.

This morning Rose was helping me with the dishes and I took a moment to take pictures.

First, she sees her target, takes a few crawls into the kitchen, then stops to look back at me. "Are you coming Mom?" Or maybe it's, "I'm headed over there, that cool with you?"

(Yes, one of the hazards of crawling is that the carpet may pull off your socks). I head over to the dishwasher, and she's head down on her journey. It's not as easy as it looks, her little knees want to slide out to the sides on that shiny floor, so her hands are doing most of the work.

 When she arrives, she's proud of herself and full of curiosity.

"Are we done already Mom?"

Rose isn't pulling to a stand yet, but she is practicing on anything she can find.

Some of Rose's favorite sounds this week are "ha" (more like a fake laugh than a sound), "ck" and "ish" - she has yet to do ba, da, ma, or pa. But lots of good old "ga" and growling. I think the new sounds come from our conversations at bath time. "That's a fish. Fish. F-ish." "That's a Crab. Crab. Cr-ab". "That's a duck. Duck. D-uck." Rose: "Uck. ck. ck." Oops, maybe I should leave that last one out. Too bad we don't have a beaver bath toy.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Civil War

This weekend was the Civil War, which also means it was the last Beaver game of the regular season and the Chili Cook-Off. A lot of excitement to squeeze into one day.

Rose and I woke super early Saturday morning to drive down to Corvallis with our friend Mila and meet up with Trevor who'd been out supporting his team all night. We arrived just in time to see the last ten minutes of ESPN's College GameDay that was filming in Corvallis that day for the first time. Trevor wanted to make sure Rose had a good view of Lee Corso.

It was a cold day. Rose's nose was pink within minutes of exiting the car. But she seemed to really enjoy all the good people watching and attention of being one of the few babies out that day.

After GameDay, we headed back to the tailgater for the Chili Cook-Off.

Trevor, the two time defending champion of the Chili Cook-Off, had stayed up into the wee hours Thursday night making his trophy winning chili in hopes of bringing home the title for the third year in a row, and then gracefully retiring (or so he said). The chili was delicious, as always - tender chunks of steak swimming in a thick, rich, tangy and perfectly spicy sauce. Yummy! Alas, this was not the year for a three-peat. A less traditional, but more familiar ground beef and bean chili took home the trophy. And Trevor had to settle for second place. Well, if it means I get to look forward to Trevor's chili next year, I'll take it. We all know he can't retire on a losing year! 

Sadly, the Beavs lost, too. But they put up a good fight. I look forward to seeing them in action next year with the exciting team they will be fielding.

On Sunday, Rose and I had a fun visit with Ali and Grady. Grady and Rose don't really seem to know what to make of each other, yet. But I think they had fun trying to figure it out, aside from the few times Rose poked Grady in the eye. We need to work on her manners. They chewed toys, and pawed at each other and even exchanged a few ppppthhhhhhtttts back and forth.


Sunday afternoon Trevor, Rose and I went to a friend's annual Christmas Tree decorating party. Trevor wore his favorite Christmas sweater, contrary to the yearly theme. I think you can see the toll the Civil War day took - we're all looking a little crazed.

It was a busy weekend, full of adventure and activities. I woke up this morning needing another weekend, not a Monday morning. I'll leave off with Rose's first picture with Santa, sent to me from our apartment manager from last week.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa Sighting

Last night, Rose had her first Santa sighting. Our apartment building had a holiday celebration in the lobby, so Rose and I went down to check it out and hear a few Christmas tunes from the live band. When we walked out of the elevator, we ran smack into Santa on his way to the party too. He stopped and gave Rose a candy cane and jingled his gold bells for her. I was half expecting Rose to burst into tears - I know Santa can be a bit scary before you get to know him. But Rose was fascinated by the bearded man in the bright red suit and couldn't take her eyes off him. He definitely won some favor with the candy cane gesture. Even though it was wrapped in plastic, Rose adored it.

As she gnawed away, the plastic slowly began to unwrap. I saw a look of surprise cross her face, followed by a short pause and then a look of seemingly pure excitement. The first taste of candy cane. Of course, I had to swoop in and exchange the candy for an "interesting" toy (see: the tupperware container in the background). Plenty of time for candy later in life, right?

Rose has been working on her pincer grasp this week. After seeing her starting to experiment with picking things up between her thumb and forefinger, we gave her some finger food to practice with. At the start of the week, if I put ten puffs on her tray, three would make it into her mouth and the rest I would find tucked into her bib or the highchair seat. The key to a successful landing of the puff starts with getting it securely pincered between your finger and thumb. Not as easy as it sounds.

When the food ends up somewhere else, like inside your fist, it is hard to figure out how to get it into your mouth without your fist getting in the way. The fist goes into the mouth and the puff frustratingly disappears (later to be found by mom stuck to your pants).  

Once the food is in your pincer grasp, the next feat is transferring it from your hand into your mouth. Also not as easy as it sounds.

But with five days of practice under her belt, Rose is really starting to figure it out.

 And she love the puffs (yes, that is a look of love).

Monday, November 29, 2010


Rose, Trevor and I had a wonderful, long relaxing Thanksgiving weekend with Roger and Kathy at the Livingston family beach house. Work, emails and computers were left at home and replaced with lots of eating, football watching and scrabble. As Thanksgiving should be.

On Wednesday morning, Rose woke with a high fever over 103 degrees. Luckily, I was able to get her in to see the Doctor before we left town. She had another ear infection, in the right ear this time. I picked up her antibiotics as soon as I could and started her treatment that morning. This time she seemed to like the taste of the pink, gooey amoxicillin (a huge relief to her mother who is charged with administering 7.5 ml of the stuff twice a day). She slept most of the way out to the beach house and got hotter and hotter as we drove, increasing my worry instinct with each passing hour. But the drugs kicked in and her fever was gone by the morning. In its place were green boogers and eye crusties. But these cleared up within a day and she was able to enjoy most of the weekend. And put on quite a show for the easily entertained adults.   

We arrived at the beach house Wednesday night after a long, sometimes treacherous, drive through the white and drifted snow. Thursday morning we woke to snow on the ground and by breakfast big flakes were falling all around. Such a quiet, pretty sight.

Trevor and Roger spent most of Thursday trudging through the snow, up and down the hill, around and around the yard, trying to set up the Dish that Roger brought from Oregon. By dinner, there was still snow on the ground and on the TV. But on Friday, with a little help from a Dish expert, we were watching all the big college games and relaxing by the fire.

While the men were out stomping around, Rose worked on her crawling, reading and ga ga gaaing.

(Check out those teeth!)

Trevor spent some of the weekend teaching Rose to play ball. Whether she knows it or not, when Trevor rolls the ball to her, Rose sweeps her hand down and rolls it right back. It looks like an accident at first, but after she does it five times in a row, it begins to seem entirely intentional.

 Not to mention how proud she looks.

One of the best parts of the weekend, of course, was just getting to spend time together as a family for an extended period of time. Here are some pictures of us doing just that. Happy Thanksgiving!