Friday, September 24, 2010

First "Sick" Day

Yesterday around 2pm day care called me at work to tell me Rose had a fever of 101. I let them know that it was probably a reaction to the vaccinations, but the day care policy requires kids with fevers to go home until they are symptom free. I have to admit that I was a little excited to get part of the afternoon off to hang out with my baby girl. When I got to day care, Rose was fast asleep in one of the teacher's arms. Her head was cuddled onto the teacher's shoulder as the she swayed back and forth. She woke up as she was transferred to my arms and gave me a sleepy, rosy, glazed look, and then fell back asleep. Once home, she went straight to bed for a good nap and woke up cheerful and almost refreshed. She had a good chew on her red crab.

Later we played peek-a-boo, which involved me jumping out from the bedroom closet over and over and over. The giggles it elicited were a delightful reward for my aerobic efforts. I would do anything to hear that laugh! Here she is waiting for me to disappear into the closet:

And here is the end of a giggle I was able to catch after leaping out and yelling "peek-a-boo!":

Silly Mommy!

Rose woke up this morning with a reduced fever of 99.2 and a very sunny disposition. She seemed content to be back at day care this morning, flashing a smile and waving her arms for anyone who was looking.

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