Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Grandma

Rose and I have arrived safely back in Portland from our journey to the Quinn family cottage on Canandaigua Lake. Many tears were shed on this trip, but none on the plane. Rose was a stellar flight companion. Though, she was stopped at security to be tested for bomb residue and got us kicked out of the airport bar for being underage. Rose got a little frustrated with the TSA woman for continuing to touch her with her interesting toy, but refusing to hand it over for investigation. When we arrived at the gate, it was overflowing with passengers waiting to board the plane, and at the same time it was eerily silent. Rose announced her presence with her perfected dolphin squawk, and 100 heads turned our way. I saw more than one set of eyes narrow with dread at the possibility of sitting next to a six month old for a red-eye flight. But Rose slept most of the flight, and even caught a little shut eye during our layover in Newark.

The toughest part of the plane flight was my sore tush from the added weight of a sleeping baby and sitting as still as possible for five hours.

Having Nellie accompany us was invaluable. She was amazing in the many roles she played (nanny, pack mule, companion, shoulder to cry on, and skinny-dipping instigator, to name a few). I was so proud of my light packing at the beginning of the trip, but somehow the minimal baggage we started with kept multiplying every step of the way. We were practically buried under it by the time we arrived back in Portland. 

During our first day at the lake, Rose enjoyed some sun and playing in the grass while sporting her new vest from Nana and Grandpa. She's looking very much the Portland girl that she is.

She also had some time to hang out with Grandpa Barry and Nana Barbara.

And she met her great grandmother Mary for the first time. It meant a lot to me to see the two of them together. And grandma really seemed to enjoy having Rose around.

Rose also enjoyed meeting her Uncle Chip and Aunt Pam for the first time and hanging out with Aunt Beth again. She especially loved the boisterous story telling by the Quinn clan and all the cuddles and kisses. She was full of dolphin squawks all weekend.

Rose experienced a lot of new things this weekend. She tried avocado and gave it a thumbs up,...

a bath in the sink,...

 multiple black dogs,...

 a new teething ring...

and turning six months old...Happy six months baby girl!

The hardest part of the trip, and the most significant for me, was saying goodbye. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to see Grandma one more time, to sit with her and Rose for a while, to see them holding hands, to watch them observing each other, to tell her I love her and to say goodbye.   
And Grandma's parting words I'll take to heart, though it will be hard at times: "I love you.", "Have a good life.", and "Don't spoil her, Jada."

Rose, you were a superstar this weekend. You brightened rooms with your sweet presence and soothed hearts and minds with your generous love and cuddles.

In remembrance of Mary Jones Quinn (September 25, 1916 - September 21, 2010)


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