Thursday, September 16, 2010

This Little Piggy

Last night Rose had her second run in with rice cereal. This time it was more of a real meal, and less of an experiment to entertain her parents. Though, we were still thoroughly entertained. She was just as enthusiastic as last time, if not more so, diving at the spoon before Trevor could get it to her mouth.

She ate until she was full and too cute to eat any more.

Then followed this meal with a bath and the best sleep she's had in weeks. Thank you rice cereal. And thank you Trevor for insisting that Rose needed more to eat before going to bed at night. Looks like papa was right!

Here's a picture of Rose waving "Hi" this morning while waiting for her parents to get dressed for work. This is her newest "trick". I put this in quotes, because she's not doing it intentionally yet, but she will soon. I see a glimmer of understanding as I respond to her with a wave back and an exuberant "Hi Rose!".

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  1. These photos show so many fabulous expressions on Rose's face - I love it!