Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bad Tooth Rising

It's back! There's a bad tooth on the rise. Rose has been waking up at regular intervals the past three nights, fussing and rubbing her nose and mouth, but with no symptoms of a cold in sight. Luckily, she is easily comforted back to sleep, but she is up again within one to two hours - much to her parents' dismay. Fatigue is setting in at the Livingston apartment this week. We can see the little white slash where that tooth wants to break through and we can tell its neighbor is not far behind.

We had good news at Rose's physical therapy appointment this week. Peggy was very impressed with the progress Rose has made over the last two weeks. She said her neck looked looser and that her strength development was impressive! Rose is shifting back and forth on her hips while sitting, in a pre-crawling motion, which is right where she is supposed to be. As good as Rose is doing, we still need to really focus on stretching her neck and strengthening her right shoulder girdle. She was fitted for a TOT collar ( at the appointment, just in case. And we'll find out next time whether she'll need to start using it.

This morning, I had a bit of a scare. Rose was sitting on the bed playing next to me when I heard a thunk-thunk coming from her right hip. I immediately scooped her up for a cuddle (more for me than for her) and didn't hear it again. But I couldn't get it off my mind, it was such a distinctive sound, so I called her hip doctor's office to see what they thought. The nurse suggested having Rose come in tomorrow for an evaluation, and followed up with "I'm sure everything is fine, but let's get it checked out for everyone's peace of mind". "Everyone" being me, I'm sure.

Wish Rose luck tomorrow and send good, healthy hip thoughts her way.

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