Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Everyone's a Critic

I was pretty excited to get home last night to try out my homemade sweet potato baby food. Rose loves jarred sweet potato. And the ingredients are identical to my version: sweet potato and water. So I was feeling pretty confident. Let me take you through a visual of our sweet potato experience:

Sweet potatoes entering stage right; the room is full of anticipation:

A look of impending disgust crosses Rose's face, it's not looking good for the sweet potato:

Sweet potato lands, and that's a...

"Pppthhhhhtt!" Yes, that is her tongue sticking out. Let's try again:


Come on, Rose, is it really THAT bad? 

Seriously, mom? Where's the rice cereal?
 Now, we're talking!

I'm determined to keep trying and trying and trying. I do have an entire ice cube tray full of frozen sweet potato mush that needs to be eaten. Next item on the menu - acorn squash. I'm not feeling too optimistic.

On a more successful note, Rose has a new skill. Last night I sat Rose on the floor and surrounded her with toys just outside her reach, hoping to entice her into crawling. At one point she got onto all fours, hovered for a second and then reached out, flopping onto her stomach, and grabbed a toy. She's done this before, so I wasn't really paying attention. And I was glad she was getting some tummy time. But then, after she had a good grip on the toy, she pushed back up to all fours and all the way back into a sitting position. With a very please look on her face. She repeated this for Trevor this morning. Clever girl.

The mornings here in Portland have become quite chilly. Thankfully, Grandma Kathy gave Rose a toasty outfit for her stroller rides in the morning, with a little room to grow. Here's Rose this morning before being loaded into her stroller by her dad. Could she be any cuter?

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