Monday, October 25, 2010

The Halloween Edition

On Saturday morning, when Rose woke up at 7am, Trevor offered to play with her in the living room so I could catch a little more shut-eye. This was an exceedingly generous offer on his part, since he'd been at work the night before until around midnight. Try as I might, I couldn't go back to sleep. I was too excited to get up and spend time hanging out with my family. That is the best part about the weekend! I snuck into the living room and found two happy campers.

Later that day, Rose had her first Halloween party. We spent part of the morning trying on parts of her last minute costume, much to my delight.

And then we got ready to go. Rose seemed a little exasperated: "Mom, seriously, am I a penguin or a ninja?"

Trevor was exasperated, too: "Too many pictures! Too much." But in snapping away like a mad lady, I was able to catch a shot of how close Rose is to crawling:

The Halloween party was fun, but total chaos. Babies were strewn across the floor in their super cute, yet seemingly uncomfortable costumes, making it hard to walk anywhere. The room was a cacophony of screeches, squeals, grunts and groans almost the entire time. It was hilarious. Predictably, Rose added her own flavor to the party grabbing other babies by the hair and trying to "make moves" as much as possible. As moms do, we had to get a shot of all the babies lined up on the couch. Not an easy feat with the tendencies to topple over and the costume malfunction issues.

Rose continues to work towards crawling. Her second tooth has yet to make an appearance, and her first one is still slowly rising. Operation Tough Love is going well so far, though an unfortunate side effect seems to be the development of a much louder and more piercing scream when Rose does wake up in the middle of the night - making it challenging to sleep through. But for the most part, she is sleeping most of the night. At present, Rose cycles through many noises in a day on her quest to begin talking - high pitched squealing, grunting, growling, a whispered "thhhh" and fake coughing are among her favorites. And, best of all, she continues to be happy girl with a strong personality.

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