Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Hand that Feeds

When Rose is happy with her food, it's obvious. She takes a bite and softly talks with her mouthful for a few seconds before swallowing. It's like she is telling each mouthful a little story before it goes down her gullet for good. Last night, I fed Rose rice cereal for dinner. Predictably, she polished off the entire bowl, whispering sweet nothings with every bite. I thought I would give her a night off sweet potatoes. I don't want her to think that every time she gets into her highchair I'm going to be force feeding her new, yucky foods.

But as I was cleaning up, it occurred to me that maybe new foods would go over better if Rose was able to investigate them on her own terms. Proud of my brilliant insight, I took a large spoonful of sweet potato mush and plopped it on her tray to do with as she might. I spied on her while I finished cleaning up, curious to see if Rose's reaction would be different when sweet potato was fed to her by her own hand. And here's what I saw:

I guess that's a No.

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