Monday, October 11, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray

Last Thursday Rose, Grandma Kathy and I went to see Dr. Achterman, Rose's hip doctor, to check out the thunk-thunk that had me so worried. Rose had an x-ray taken of her pelvis, which showed that her hip joint was still sitting in the correct position. Then Dr. A tested the abduction of both her hips - they both showed full range of motion, indicating that the joint wasn't popping out of place. Dr. A seemed very pleased with what he saw and reduced the brace wearing down to nights and naps only! The thunk-thunk, he said, could be any of Rose's joints, but was probably coming from her knee. It's a common sound to hear in babies, apparently. And he was right. The next day when I heard the same sound, I put my hand on Rose's knee and could feel the popping below. What a relief.

We also mentioned to Dr. A that Rose was still doing PT for her torticollis and that she may be getting a TOT collar soon. To this he responded with a deep frown and "let me take a look". With Rose sitting on his lap he pulled her head to a right tilt, then a left tilt, felt around her neck and declared it nothing to worry about. These things have a way of correcting themselves on their own. His advice - now that she is sitting up, keep her off her back as much as possible and things will even out.

With all that good news, I was so giddy, I practically skipped out of Dr. A's office.

Friday, Rose and I had another sick day at home together. Rose had been fighting a fever that hit 104.2 Thursday night. I took her in to see her pediatrician who diagnosed her with her first ear infection. Poor girl. After a few days of super sweet, super sticky, super pink antibiotics, Rose seems to be feeling better. She is not a fan of the medicine, though.

Even though she was feeling under the weather, Rose and I enjoyed playing at home together.



And at the end of the day, we walked downtown to meet up with Papa for an early dinner.

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