Monday, November 29, 2010


Rose, Trevor and I had a wonderful, long relaxing Thanksgiving weekend with Roger and Kathy at the Livingston family beach house. Work, emails and computers were left at home and replaced with lots of eating, football watching and scrabble. As Thanksgiving should be.

On Wednesday morning, Rose woke with a high fever over 103 degrees. Luckily, I was able to get her in to see the Doctor before we left town. She had another ear infection, in the right ear this time. I picked up her antibiotics as soon as I could and started her treatment that morning. This time she seemed to like the taste of the pink, gooey amoxicillin (a huge relief to her mother who is charged with administering 7.5 ml of the stuff twice a day). She slept most of the way out to the beach house and got hotter and hotter as we drove, increasing my worry instinct with each passing hour. But the drugs kicked in and her fever was gone by the morning. In its place were green boogers and eye crusties. But these cleared up within a day and she was able to enjoy most of the weekend. And put on quite a show for the easily entertained adults.   

We arrived at the beach house Wednesday night after a long, sometimes treacherous, drive through the white and drifted snow. Thursday morning we woke to snow on the ground and by breakfast big flakes were falling all around. Such a quiet, pretty sight.

Trevor and Roger spent most of Thursday trudging through the snow, up and down the hill, around and around the yard, trying to set up the Dish that Roger brought from Oregon. By dinner, there was still snow on the ground and on the TV. But on Friday, with a little help from a Dish expert, we were watching all the big college games and relaxing by the fire.

While the men were out stomping around, Rose worked on her crawling, reading and ga ga gaaing.

(Check out those teeth!)

Trevor spent some of the weekend teaching Rose to play ball. Whether she knows it or not, when Trevor rolls the ball to her, Rose sweeps her hand down and rolls it right back. It looks like an accident at first, but after she does it five times in a row, it begins to seem entirely intentional.

 Not to mention how proud she looks.

One of the best parts of the weekend, of course, was just getting to spend time together as a family for an extended period of time. Here are some pictures of us doing just that. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rock n Rolla

Rose was rocking out last night again and I was able to capture some of it on my iPhone. Here she is just getting started. First, the equipment check.

It's a very serious business getting the beat right.

Now we're having fun. 

An interlude for a little air guitar...

And what real musician doesn't try to eat her instruments once in a while?

All this rockin' must have tuckered Rose out. After a bowl of avocado and a bath, she slept for nine hours straight before making a peep. And then another three. Thank you Rose!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Eight Months

Rose turned eight months this weekend! I know this is what everyone says, but I really can't believe how fast she is growing up (and she's not even a year old yet).

Rose's weekend was full of adventure. She started Saturday out with her first wooden spoon and upside-down pot experience. And, yes, Rose definitely has a little rock n' roll in her. After her jam session and quite a bit of crawling around, she had a nice long nap on her Papa's chest. That afternoon, Rose joined her parents' pre-beaver game tailgater in Corvallis for a few hours in 42 degree weather before heading over to spend the evening with her cousin Jenny. Sunday was a nice relaxing day at home with a quick trip out to meet up with some other moms and babies at Cafe au Play for lunch. With not much else to report, here are some pictures from the weekend:

(Who's smile is that above?)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lady Ga Ga

Yes, this is Rose's new favorite sound. It was initially put into use when she cried in dismay about something. "Ga, ga, gaaaa...sniff, sniff." But now it's becoming more a part of regular conversation. "Rose, how do you like your sweet potatoes?" "Ga, ga, ga, ga."

Speaking of my homemade sweet potatoes, we've been sending Rose to daycare lately with a frozen chunk of solid food in addition to her bottles. I thought I'd sneak in a block of sweet potato to see if daycare would have more success than I did. Rose's chart at the end of the day included the following note "Solid food - 2/3 at 11:15." Now that's progress!

And on the topic of progress, another note on Rose's chart this week was, "Rose enjoys crawling all over the room." She really is on the move now. There are still times when she gets frustrated either because she has forgotten how to crawl, or she is just too tired to try. She'll be sitting on the floor and spy a toy or parent she wants to be close to, she'll bounce up and down on her bum a few times, then bow her head and cry with frustration. But most of the time, she'll get right onto all fours and make her way across the floor to the prize.

Last night we introduced another new food: broccoli! I steamed it, then pureed it with a little water. Sounds gross, I know. But Rose didn't miss a beat. It must have been all that broccoli I consumed while pregnant.

In other big news, Rose has three new teeth coming in on top, all at the same time. Poor girl! Needless to say, she's a little fussy. But it did give me a chance to capture her bottom two.

Even though she's fussy, she's still a character!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ode to the Weekend

Before Rose was born, I always looked forward to weekends. Since going back to work full time a few months ago, though, weekends have become immeasurably precious to me. Weekends are the time when catching up on sleep becomes a real possibility. Weekends provide me a chance to reconnect with my husband after a week full of hard work and different schedules. Instead of one hour with an exhausted Rose each day, I'm given hours upon hours of all sorts of Rose. I don't have to worry about pumping every three hours of the day. I am able to fit in social engagements and catch up with friends. In theory, I could go for a run two days in a row. Laundry gets done. The apartment is restocked with food. I don't have to wash any bottles. I get to watch football, or read a book, or just sit. If it wasn't for weekends, I think I would be buried alive under the small messes that slowly pile up during the week. If it wasn't for weekends, I would never have a chance to be all that I can be as a wife and a mom. Weekends slow me down.

My absolute favorite part of the weekend is spending time with Trevor and Rose. Sometimes it's five minutes with the three of us sitting on the floor together pat, pat, patting and clap, clap, clapping. Or two hours in the car driving to a Beaver game. Or sharing dinner with friends or family. Or napping in unison. These are the moments when time slows down enough for me to savor life as it passes by. These are the moments when I really feel how lucky I am.

This weekend I was able to do all of these things and more. An average weekend to an outsider, but an extraordinary one for me. Saturday morning Rose and I took a long nap together while Trevor finished up a work project. I woke up first and had the pleasure of just sitting and watching my baby sleep.

 When Trevor returned home, we piled into the car and drove to Corvallis for the Beaver game. Rose got to spend some quality time with her aunt and cousins while we went to the game. On the way home, we shared dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Livingston at their favorite Chinese restaurant, let's just call it - Happy Panda. Saturday night we were all in bed by 8:30 (see: catching up on sleep, above). Sunday was the slow kind of day, where many quality moments of just being happened. And Sunday night we got to share a relaxing dinner with our friends Matt and Ali, and Rose got to hang out with her buddy, Grady. Luckily for Rose, Grady was just as interested in making moves on Rose as she was on him - providing many good laughs for the adults. Sadly, wrapped up in all the entertainment, I forgot to use my camera.

Today, as I rush home from work, do my best to get Rose to bed before melt down, wash the daily bottles, find something for dinner, and finally fall into bed, I have this wonderfully average weekend, and the promise of another in a few days, to keep me going. Thank you weekends!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Big Move

Yes, we successfully moved from our one bedroom apartment into a two bedroom this weekend. And though that move took two days, many helping hands (thank you Roger and Kathy), and a sore back or two, the big move award goes to Rose. Saturday morning, before our very eyes, we watched Rose finally move her knees forward along with her hands and crawl across the empty living room floor. It's clumsy, and sometimes it doesn't work out as planned. But no doubt about it, Rose is crawling!

I'm tempted to end this post right there, as I won't beat that news today. But I wouldn't be giving this weekend its due without a few more details. For instance, Grandma and Grandpa Livingston graciously agreed to have Rose sleep over, not only Friday night, but Saturday night as well. I feel like I was able to catch up on weeks of much needed sleep in those two nights. Today, I woke up feeling like a new woman. And, Trevor and I were able to accomplish a lot more moving in those hours of our daughter's absence than we would have managed otherwise. Though, I'm betting Roger and Kathy find that hard to believe, considering all the help they provided moving and cleaning after bringing Rose home!

Last night, all the movers had quite a treat when Nellie and Tim came by with a big pot of homemade pork chili. Yum! Rose had a chance to show off her new moves, and the rest of us kicked up our feet and enjoyed a great meal and great company all around.

In other big news, Rose spent her first night in her new crib in her own room last night. And she didn't miss a beat: asleep at 6:30, up at 12, up at 4, and awake for the day at 6:30am. I, on the other hand, woke up every few hours to check out the action on the new baby monitor video screen. Trevor, patiently putting up with me: "What's our girl doing?" Me: "Sleeping."

And, the crib looks great!

Thank you to Roger and Kathy for donating all of your time and energy this weekend to watching Rose, moving our stuff, cleaning our apartment and building the crib. Thank you to Trevor for putting in the work and sweat of four men. Thank you to Jordan for being two of those four men for a little while on Sunday. And thank you to Nellie and Tim for the yummy goodness.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ms. Pink Eye

Rose got her first case of pink eye yesterday. While she didn't seem too bothered by it, she was required to leave daycare. Another sick day home with mom. By the time I picked Rose up from daycare, called the doctor, picked up a prescription and got home, Rose was completely exhausted. Luckily, she settled down for a nice long nap right away.

Thankfully, her new crib is arriving this weekend (thank you Grandpa and Nana B!). It looks like Rose outgrew her sleeping situation without us noticing. The more I look at this picture, the more ridiculous it seems!

After her nap, she woke up in very good spirits for a sick little lady.

And had a good time cycling through playing with some of her favorite toys. By playing, I mean chewing on.

As you can tell, the teething process continues. Her second tooth has broken through, but it's not the lower one that has been threatening to arrive for the past three weeks. It's on the top, and not in the center. Either it's her incisor, or she's going to have a huge gap like her mom did when she was a baby.

It's not just teeth that are coming in, check out the rooster crest:

Rose continues to work towards crawling. She gets on all fours, rocks back and forth and walks her hands forward and backward. Someday she's going to realize that if she moves a knee forward, too, her whole body will follow.

Rose has recently perfected clapping - she uses both hands and you can actually hear the clap-clap sound. She is very proud. Rose's daycare teacher says that when she dances for the kids, Rose always bobs up and down and claps for her.

On the eating front, we've had some good successes. While my acorn squash wasn't an immediate hit, it didn't get the "pppptthhhht" treatment. Though, I did have to explain to Rose that it was food and not a wrinkle cream.

And last night Rose discovered mom-mashed pears are yummy. You know it's good when she helps out.

Rose woke up this morning clear of pink eye symptoms, so it was back to daycare for her and back to work for me. This weekend we move into our two bedroom apartment. We're hoping for a smooth transition into new sleeping environments for all. And, ultimately, more sleep!