Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lady Ga Ga

Yes, this is Rose's new favorite sound. It was initially put into use when she cried in dismay about something. "Ga, ga, gaaaa...sniff, sniff." But now it's becoming more a part of regular conversation. "Rose, how do you like your sweet potatoes?" "Ga, ga, ga, ga."

Speaking of my homemade sweet potatoes, we've been sending Rose to daycare lately with a frozen chunk of solid food in addition to her bottles. I thought I'd sneak in a block of sweet potato to see if daycare would have more success than I did. Rose's chart at the end of the day included the following note "Solid food - 2/3 at 11:15." Now that's progress!

And on the topic of progress, another note on Rose's chart this week was, "Rose enjoys crawling all over the room." She really is on the move now. There are still times when she gets frustrated either because she has forgotten how to crawl, or she is just too tired to try. She'll be sitting on the floor and spy a toy or parent she wants to be close to, she'll bounce up and down on her bum a few times, then bow her head and cry with frustration. But most of the time, she'll get right onto all fours and make her way across the floor to the prize.

Last night we introduced another new food: broccoli! I steamed it, then pureed it with a little water. Sounds gross, I know. But Rose didn't miss a beat. It must have been all that broccoli I consumed while pregnant.

In other big news, Rose has three new teeth coming in on top, all at the same time. Poor girl! Needless to say, she's a little fussy. But it did give me a chance to capture her bottom two.

Even though she's fussy, she's still a character!

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