Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ms. Pink Eye

Rose got her first case of pink eye yesterday. While she didn't seem too bothered by it, she was required to leave daycare. Another sick day home with mom. By the time I picked Rose up from daycare, called the doctor, picked up a prescription and got home, Rose was completely exhausted. Luckily, she settled down for a nice long nap right away.

Thankfully, her new crib is arriving this weekend (thank you Grandpa and Nana B!). It looks like Rose outgrew her sleeping situation without us noticing. The more I look at this picture, the more ridiculous it seems!

After her nap, she woke up in very good spirits for a sick little lady.

And had a good time cycling through playing with some of her favorite toys. By playing, I mean chewing on.

As you can tell, the teething process continues. Her second tooth has broken through, but it's not the lower one that has been threatening to arrive for the past three weeks. It's on the top, and not in the center. Either it's her incisor, or she's going to have a huge gap like her mom did when she was a baby.

It's not just teeth that are coming in, check out the rooster crest:

Rose continues to work towards crawling. She gets on all fours, rocks back and forth and walks her hands forward and backward. Someday she's going to realize that if she moves a knee forward, too, her whole body will follow.

Rose has recently perfected clapping - she uses both hands and you can actually hear the clap-clap sound. She is very proud. Rose's daycare teacher says that when she dances for the kids, Rose always bobs up and down and claps for her.

On the eating front, we've had some good successes. While my acorn squash wasn't an immediate hit, it didn't get the "pppptthhhht" treatment. Though, I did have to explain to Rose that it was food and not a wrinkle cream.

And last night Rose discovered mom-mashed pears are yummy. You know it's good when she helps out.

Rose woke up this morning clear of pink eye symptoms, so it was back to daycare for her and back to work for me. This weekend we move into our two bedroom apartment. We're hoping for a smooth transition into new sleeping environments for all. And, ultimately, more sleep!

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