Monday, December 6, 2010

Civil War

This weekend was the Civil War, which also means it was the last Beaver game of the regular season and the Chili Cook-Off. A lot of excitement to squeeze into one day.

Rose and I woke super early Saturday morning to drive down to Corvallis with our friend Mila and meet up with Trevor who'd been out supporting his team all night. We arrived just in time to see the last ten minutes of ESPN's College GameDay that was filming in Corvallis that day for the first time. Trevor wanted to make sure Rose had a good view of Lee Corso.

It was a cold day. Rose's nose was pink within minutes of exiting the car. But she seemed to really enjoy all the good people watching and attention of being one of the few babies out that day.

After GameDay, we headed back to the tailgater for the Chili Cook-Off.

Trevor, the two time defending champion of the Chili Cook-Off, had stayed up into the wee hours Thursday night making his trophy winning chili in hopes of bringing home the title for the third year in a row, and then gracefully retiring (or so he said). The chili was delicious, as always - tender chunks of steak swimming in a thick, rich, tangy and perfectly spicy sauce. Yummy! Alas, this was not the year for a three-peat. A less traditional, but more familiar ground beef and bean chili took home the trophy. And Trevor had to settle for second place. Well, if it means I get to look forward to Trevor's chili next year, I'll take it. We all know he can't retire on a losing year! 

Sadly, the Beavs lost, too. But they put up a good fight. I look forward to seeing them in action next year with the exciting team they will be fielding.

On Sunday, Rose and I had a fun visit with Ali and Grady. Grady and Rose don't really seem to know what to make of each other, yet. But I think they had fun trying to figure it out, aside from the few times Rose poked Grady in the eye. We need to work on her manners. They chewed toys, and pawed at each other and even exchanged a few ppppthhhhhhtttts back and forth.


Sunday afternoon Trevor, Rose and I went to a friend's annual Christmas Tree decorating party. Trevor wore his favorite Christmas sweater, contrary to the yearly theme. I think you can see the toll the Civil War day took - we're all looking a little crazed.

It was a busy weekend, full of adventure and activities. I woke up this morning needing another weekend, not a Monday morning. I'll leave off with Rose's first picture with Santa, sent to me from our apartment manager from last week.

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