Thursday, December 23, 2010

Movin' On Up

Rose has mastered the talent of pulling herself up to standing in the last week. She hasn't, however, discovered the continued benefits of bending her knees and all the great things that can be accomplished with this simple move - for instance, sitting back down or moving your foot forward without having to tilt your whole body to the side. Everyday, though, she gets more and more familiar with the proper walking motion. And yesterday, not only did she pull herself up to standing on an empty box, but she walked behind it as she pushed it across the living room floor. I could hardly believe my eyes. Luckily, I was able to capture some of this journey:

In the past few days, Rose has pulled herself up on all sorts of things - the window sill, the coffee table, the tupperware drawer (yes, she's forgiven it), her baby rocking chair, the bath tub, and her car seat (helping mom adjust the straps).

When I picked Rose up from daycare a few days ago, one of the teachers looked at Rose and asked "How big is Rose?" Rose looked at me, and with her newest version of a fake laugh she raised her arms above her head - a motion I'd never seen her do before. She seems to forget this one, too, once in a while, but I caught it before bath time. "So big!"

In other news, Rose continues to work on her long list of new baby ailments. Yesterday, we found out that Rose has a case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. It sounds horrible, I know. But luckily it seems to be a pretty mild episode this time. The sad part is that the virus decided to take advantage of the compromised skin from Rose's healing diaper rash, so the majority of the sores showed up in her diaper region. Ouch. The upside is that her hands, feet and mouth were barely infected at all. And she seems pretty happy for someone afflicted with a disease that sounds like it's meant for barnyard animals. Here she is this morning enjoying her eggs and wishing her Papa a Happy Birthday!

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