Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa Sighting

Last night, Rose had her first Santa sighting. Our apartment building had a holiday celebration in the lobby, so Rose and I went down to check it out and hear a few Christmas tunes from the live band. When we walked out of the elevator, we ran smack into Santa on his way to the party too. He stopped and gave Rose a candy cane and jingled his gold bells for her. I was half expecting Rose to burst into tears - I know Santa can be a bit scary before you get to know him. But Rose was fascinated by the bearded man in the bright red suit and couldn't take her eyes off him. He definitely won some favor with the candy cane gesture. Even though it was wrapped in plastic, Rose adored it.

As she gnawed away, the plastic slowly began to unwrap. I saw a look of surprise cross her face, followed by a short pause and then a look of seemingly pure excitement. The first taste of candy cane. Of course, I had to swoop in and exchange the candy for an "interesting" toy (see: the tupperware container in the background). Plenty of time for candy later in life, right?

Rose has been working on her pincer grasp this week. After seeing her starting to experiment with picking things up between her thumb and forefinger, we gave her some finger food to practice with. At the start of the week, if I put ten puffs on her tray, three would make it into her mouth and the rest I would find tucked into her bib or the highchair seat. The key to a successful landing of the puff starts with getting it securely pincered between your finger and thumb. Not as easy as it sounds.

When the food ends up somewhere else, like inside your fist, it is hard to figure out how to get it into your mouth without your fist getting in the way. The fist goes into the mouth and the puff frustratingly disappears (later to be found by mom stuck to your pants).  

Once the food is in your pincer grasp, the next feat is transferring it from your hand into your mouth. Also not as easy as it sounds.

But with five days of practice under her belt, Rose is really starting to figure it out.

 And she love the puffs (yes, that is a look of love).

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