Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tupperware Party

Even with Beaver football season coming to a close, Rose had another busy weekend this past weekend. She woke up Saturday morning and was ready to get to being a busy girl straight away, crawling from one room to another. Rose's crawl has become a very purposeful and steady crawl. Gone are the days of forgetting how to get onto all fours and being left to sit, head down, arms straight crying in frustration.

Rose took a break to check out her new indestructible book from Great Grandma Carol. Skeptical of the "unrippable" claim, Rose really gave the book a run for its money (now, who does that sound like?). But the book held up and continues to be one of Rose's favorites right now.

After a good read, Rose threw a tupperware party in the kitchen. 

Having been granted access to the tupperware drawer, Rose entertained herself (and her parents) for quite a while - until the inevitable finger smash when she accidentally shut the drawer with her hand inside. Try as we might to not make a big deal about a small harm, Trevor and I both let out audible gasps at the swift and definitive clunk with which the drawer closed. There was a moment of silence as all three of us held our breath, shattered quickly of course by Rose's loud, big tears. She was easily comforted with a cuddle, relocation and a new toy. But she has yet to re-visit the drawer.  

After all that partying, Rose was ready for a rest. A weekend wouldn't be complete without a nap with Papa.

On Sunday, Rose decided we were all going to sleep in until 8am for the second day in a row. Thank you Rose! After we woke, Trevor started us out with a yummy breakfast - french toast with peanut butter for me and a scrambled egg yolk for Rose. Rose loves eggs! After breakfast, inspired by the 60 degree weather, the three of us made it out for a rare family run. That evening, Grandma Kathy came over to watch Rose while Trevor and I enjoyed an adult night out for one of our holiday events. We left looking very seasonal in our red and green.

 Tomorrow is Rose's nine month check-up. Nine months! I'm excited to see the new stats for our little munchkin. Stay tuned....

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