Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Video Update

Rose is growing and changing in leaps and bounds these days. Her vocabulary is exploding. It's definitely time to start really watching what we say. She's a little mimic, and more often than not, I think she understands the words, too.

One of Rose's favorite things is music. She loves to dance to a variety of tunes. You'll see her jamming to Mo in this first video. Rose and I go see Mo sing on some Friday mornings. She usually spends the next two days talking about Mo. She loves to visit our local coffee shop that has a piano in the corner. "Panno, Mamma!" She can barely reach the keys, but she loves to play. And she's started to sing a variety of songs on her own.

Rose is on the phone a lot, but Sheepers is on the phone even more. It's pretty cute to listen in to her conversations. This one isn't very long, Sheepers hogs the phone time.

On Thursday mornings, Rose and I go to swim class. In the past few weeks she has gotten up the courage to jump off the side of the pool. She does it with a huge smile. Last week, she wore goggles for the first time and, with my help, dove under the water to retrieve a rubber ring from the pool stairs. I was so impressed. Here she is in her bath tonight, dunking herself for the first time. She uses the prompt from swimming class: Ready, Go!

We've had a beautiful fall/winter here. It's barely rained at all. Though it's been in the 30s, I find it perfect weather for this time of year. Here's a clip of Rose bundled up and playing at Washington Park. It's a bit long, but it's a good one. You'll see her "Cheese" for the camera, then say "Bye-bye Alligator" (a new favorite saying), then spontaneously burst into her version of It's Raining, It's Pouring, and she'll finish up with a slide.

Here are a few pictures of the last month to end with. Did I mention how much she loves Sheepers?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Go Beavs!

Rose has been traveling with us down to Corvallis for Beaver home games this fall. The drive is a bit long and she has trouble understanding why she can't walk to Corvallis instead of drive. But she has loads of fun once she arrives - tailgating with her parents and grandparents and hanging out with her cousins during the game. During the morning tailgating, the band usually marches by a few times, much to Rose's delight. She gets very excited about drumming of any kind and talks about the drummers in the band for the rest of the day. One week, we brought her into the game for the kick off and a few plays. It was nap time, but she was all eyes on the field and the crowd. She loves watching football (she woke up this morning, a Friday morning, requesting that we put football on the TV). And she's good at saying "Go Beavs!" when she sees an orange shirt, or any football game, or, lately, anytime we mention Grandma and Grandpa. After tailgating, I usually drive Rose to Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave's house so she can hang out with her cousins for a few hours (and hopefully take a little nap). She has a lot of fun discovering new toys and getting all sorts of attention. Here is a video of Rose enjoying the park with mom after a Beaver football game. It's a short one, but she imitates a siren in the background, which is pretty cute. 

More enjoying the park.

 Here's Rose during a snack break at Couch park on a cold, rainy day.

Rose spent a weekend with Grandma and Grandpa in October while Trevor and I followed the Beavers to Seattle for a game against WSU. We didn't make it to a pumpkin patch this year, but luckily Grandpa had some pumpkin activities planned.

Here is the coolest bike rack in our neighborhood. We walk by it on the way home from daycare and stop to do some driving. Driving is fun, if Rose is the one steering.

 For Halloween, Rose dressed up as a lion. She like roaring and discovering what candy is all about. By the end of the day, she was demanding blue M&Ms (though, she calls them cookies). Here are Rose and Trevor on the elevator going to the Schwabe Halloween party. The office halls were decorated for the holiday and most offices had a selection of candy - making for a good trick-or-treating experience (at least for the parents). Rose's favorite treat was a box of crayons and a coloring book. What a great idea!

Here's a happy, super sugared up lion on the walk home from Trevor's office.

Here's the lion trying to steal a bike. It kept insisting "MINE!" and had a hard time understanding that saying "mine" doesn't make it "mine".

Not only is Rose struggling with learning what's "mine" and what is not "mine", she is also working on taking turns, sharing and waiting. A lot of frustrating concepts for a 19 month old!

I'll leave you with a quick bath video. If you look closely, you'll see Rose's mischievous face - she's pretty proud about making her duck blow bubbles.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Toddler Times

Rose has spent this past month really getting adapted to being a toddler in every sense of the word. We've had a lot of fun, a few tantrums, many new "words", some boo boos, and a couple of big transitions. Rose has moved up to the toddler room at daycare and seems to be stimulated and interested in the new challenges and activities. She is taking some time to warm up to the new environment - new teachers, less cuddles, etc. But she's thriving - coming home with new words and tricks everyday. Last week, her daily report said that she enjoyed doing yoga that morning. When I asked her: "Did you do yoga today?", she went into a down dog and said "yoya" with great enthusiasm.

Another big growing pain this past month was going cold turkey on bottles. We made the mistake of not really preparing her for this transition - the bottles just ceased to be available one day. And boy was she mad! When I would pick her up from daycare and hand her a sippy cup of milk for the walk home, she would throw it on the ground and chant/scream "NO" most of the way home. After about a week, she started to forgive me and accept that milk now arrives only in a cup, sometimes with a straw, but never in a bottle. Phew! I'm glad to be on the other side of that one, and happy to not have to wash bottles ever again (or, for at least 6 months).

Most of the time, Rose is a delight to be around. As long as I'm not in a hurry to get anywhere, we have a lot of fun around Portland together. Here are some pictures from the past month.

Rose likes to work on possible album cover ideas.

We spend many an afternoon at one playground or another - slides, swings and steering wheels are favorites right now.

These bike racks are also a big attraction in our neighborhood. They have cars, trucks and bars on them, how can you resist?

The zoo is another fun way to spend half a day. Rose and her Dad go to the zoo together on the weekends a lot. It's hard to tell who has more fun.

 Sometimes we just walk aimlessly or pick up leaves and spin in circles.

 I caught this proud look after Rose discovered this new trick. We spent about 20 minutes climbing up and down this standard bike rack. The simple things can be fascinating.

Leaves and parks...

And walking, walking, walking...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Picture Update

Since I'm not finding time lately to do a full blog update, I thought it would be a good idea to just post a few pictures from the past month so they don't get lost in the fray as more and more time passes. We've spent time with many friends and relatives over the last two months and I've seen a lot of great pictures taken of Rose. Unfortunately, it's pretty time consuming for me to download other people's pictures and post them, so (for the most part) you're stuck with the pictures on my iPhone.

Here's Rose at Tanner Springs Park. One of our favorite afternoon activities and only a block from our apartment.

 The next two pictures were taken by a friend at a weekend brunch.

 Here's Rose in Chicago outside Nana and Grandpa's watching the boats on the canal.

Rose and Grandpa out for an afternoon Kayak at Rainbow Lake in New York.

Rose and her buddy, Grady, playing at Sellwood Park.

Rose and a stick (which was used as a golf club and baseball bat interchangeably) at Forest Park on a "nature" walk with Mom.

Taking a rest during a daily walk around the neighborhood.

Rose and I went to the Children's Museum with Nonni. Here's Rose standing in as receptionist in the veterinary clinic followed by driving a bus. Busy day.

Rose really enjoys her new golf set that Grandma and Grandpa got her. Golf is definitely the favorite sport of the moment.

We spend a lot of afternoons at the local playgrounds. Rose loves swings, slides and meeting new kids.

Here's a video of Rose on her way out the door to somewhere very important.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heightened Senses

Rose's awareness of her surroundings has taken a significant leap in the last few weeks. It is apparent in her new attempts at independence, her increased sensitivity to sounds, her recent difficulties at bedtime and her enjoyment in mimicking.

Yesterday, Rose learned how to say a new and very powerful word. She doesn't demand or command with it. Yet. She says it first as a sort of question. "Rose do you want some blackberries?" "No?" This is quickly followed by a more affirmative statement and a head shake. "No." (Sounding more like "Doh.") Sometimes she doesn't really mean no, but so far most of the time she means what she says and is just as willing to give me a "Yeah" or a nod if the answer is yes. Interestingly, so far, I'm the only person she says no to. The teachers at daycare swear they haven't heard it yet. That is, until I picked her up today. One of her teachers asked Rose if she was all done with snack. She turned around and looked me right in the eye and said "No."

Another recent change is a situational clinginess that happens when an odd or sudden sounds occur - even sounds Rose has been hearing her whole life, like mail trucks passing by the apartment, a beeping horn or Liam's footsteps as he runs down the hall. She gets a shocked look on her face and books it to the nearest parent for a hug or reassurance. We go out on the balcony and watch the garbage truck empty dumpsters into its trash compartment. She seems fascinated and asks for more after the truck leaves. But the next time it passes by, she is still unsure.

This current anxiety is adding to her new issues falling asleep at night, I think. Gone are the days of putting her in her crib with a kiss and a "night, night" and walking out. These nights, she screams with what sounds like fright when left alone. She quickly quiets and lays herself down if Trevor or I go into the bedroom, only to scream again once she's left alone. It takes a handful of these attempts before she falls asleep. It's not surprising. From what I've heard, she's at the age when dreams (and nightmares) start. There are plenty of sudden sounds passing by her window. It's light out when she gets in her crib. She is definitely starting to understand her own independence and that she is a separate person from Momma, which, while exciting for her, is probably terrifying on some level, too. And maybe she's just not that tired at 7pm anymore.

Rose has always loved her Dada, but lately she adores him. It is very sweet. I love to see the two of them making each other smile so much. Here is a picture of Rose in a set up that she created with our broken laptop. She asks for help to be put exactly in this position. She points to our working laptop and says "Dada" and then points to her laptop with a big smile. Just like Dada.

Rose often likes to do things exactly the way adults are doing them. Here is my solution so that I can have my drink to myself.

Yeah, I'm a big girl.

 At the toy store.

Here is a picture of what we spend most of our time doing - wandering the neighborhood and checking out rocks, flowers, and trees. Rain or shine.

We also have a lot of play dates. Here are Rose and one of her main men playing on the tractor at the zoo.

It's been fun to watch as Liam and Rose grow from playing next to each other to playing with each other a little. Liam comes running to Rose when they first see each other shouting "Ro-Ro!" And he's fond of bear hugging her to the ground. Rose loves to ape any sounds Liam makes (so she often is yelling "Ro-Ro!" too) and kisses him on the cheek once in a while. Their favorite activity is eating snacks next to each other sitting on the nearest step to be found when the urge hits.

Here is a picture Rose's teacher took the other day of Rose striking a pose at daycare.

And here is how I found Stripy Horse and Baby on the kitchen floor yesterday.

I would like to say it was an accident, but I watched as Rose brought Stripy Horse into the kitchen and gently placed him on unsuspecting Baby.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Rose had an action packed Fourth of July weekend this year! On Friday, the day started with some exciting construction outside our kitchen window. Rose was enthralled with the big yellow digger as it lifted up pieces of the street and put them in the back of a big truck.

"Rock, rock" she would say while making the sign for rocks with her hands. Now when she looks through her books, and she sees a picture of a digger, she says "rock, rock" - showing her new talent for memory. The nice weather we've been having has brought other things of interest past our kitchen window. Motorcycles are a favorite right now, though for some reason they are called "bo-bo" with a funny version of the motorcycle sign done at the corner of her mouth instead of out in front of her. Sometimes they get a "voom-voom" too.

On Saturday, we had a nice family day with Dada - a tour of the neighborhood parks in the morning and a trip to the zoo in the afternoon.  Rose also widened her world of sports, getting some glimpses of the Women's World Cup and the Tour de France between baseball games.
On Sunday, Kathy and Roger took us all for brunch and a ride on a vintage steam powered train. Rose was fascinated by the steam and the train. And startled, but intrigued by the clanging, choo-chooing, and toot-tooting. I didn't get any pictures of the train on my iPhone, but here's Rose on the ride home.

On the Fourth of July, we headed out to Hillsboro for the parade - decked out in our red, white and blue.

Rose's friend Liam and his family came too. Here are Rose and Liam practicing their float entry for next year.

Rose loved watching the marching bands, horses, tractors, and people in the parade. She learned to "wa-who" at the things she especially appreciated. In the afternoon, Rose was the star of the BBQ - goofing off, saying new words and eating like a champ. The main event was a performance with pop-rocks. Instead of being wary of the mini-explosions, Rose jumped right in with the other kids throwing them on the ground and happily stomping on them to make them pop. Then emphatically asking for more, until the box ran out. She was one tired, gruby, little girl by the end of the day. Just as it should be.

I'll leave you with some toddler joy...