Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Windy City

Rose's first trip to Chicago was quick, cold and full of adventure.

I was pretty apprehensive about flying by myself with a 10 month old. Luckily, Roger drove us to the airport and was there to help me haul all our stuff in and make sure we got to security without a hitch. After checking my suitcase and the car seat, things were pretty manageable with Rose in her umbrella stroller and the diaper bag over my shoulder. On the way to our gate, we made a great discovery - Gate C1, where all the chairs for waiting were removed, leaving an open carpeted expanse. Perfect for an energetic baby. Here's Rose playing with her stroller.

We were the very first people to board the plane. I got Rose settled into a seat, contently munching on a piece of bread, while I got everything situated.

This part was tricky. The diaper bag was bursting at the seams with all the new toys, different foods, and comfort items I'd brought to captivate Rose's attention during the four hour flight. I quickly learned how slippery that attention span was - cycling through different toys and food items every few minutes, desperately trying to delay the inevitable meltdown. In the end, I resorted to continual boob rotation until she fell asleep. We got lucky on this flight and had the entire row to ourselves. I don't know what I would have done if people had been sitting next to us. I definitely wouldn't have been swinging Rose frantically back and forth between my breasts. The flight attendants really saved the day, coming over and taking Rose on a tour of the plane and the passengers to give me a short break. She was more than happy to participate in the adventure.

In Chicago, Rose enjoyed hanging out with Grandpa and Nana. She had fun helping Grandpa put together the alphabet train.

And she loved conducting the train all over the house, with part of the packaging in her mouth.

This became a bit of a theme.

It was an adventure getting to know the doggies, too. At first they were almost abhorrent, receiving shoves, pthhhhtts, and tears when they tried to lick Rose's face. But by the end, Rose was hunting them down to "play" with.

The biggest adventure of the weekend was Rose's first trip to the aquarium. I was surprised at how engaged she was by the fish, ducks, turtles and people. She loved having Grandpa show her around and talk about the fishies.

I was also impressed by her stamina and ours. We lasted hours without a serious meltdown, by Rose or any of the adults. Actually we were looking quite chipper at the end.

As we boarded the flight home, we saw a slew of familiar faces. "Well, hello Miss Rose!" It was the same wonderful flight crew as the ride out. What luck!

It was a great trip to the Windy City. A bit cold and way too short, but Rose and I are really glad that we were able to fit it in. And we both loved spending time with Grandpa and Nana!  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cry Me a River

Rose had an exciting time with Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Roger over MLK weekend. She had a chance to hang out with a lot of people, at least five diffract cats and a dog. She learned how to say "kitty cat" - almost. She perfected blowing a kiss. And she worked on climbing stairs in the up direction.

Rose's parents also had some excitement this weekend when the road to their cabin was washed out by the flooding Sandy River. Leaving our car and most of our belongings behind, we had to walk out through the forest to be picked up by Roger on the other side. When I found out the road was gone on Sunday night, my first thought was that I had no way to reach Rose. I was surprised by the panic that rose within me at this notion. I told myself (and was reminded by Trevor many times) that not only was Rose safe and happy and exactly where we would want her to be, but I wasn't planning on seeing her for another day anyway. The panic did not subside. I could not get to my daughter if I wanted to, and my heart, brain and guts would not let me forget it. After some tears and deep breaths, I made it through the night, but not without waking up (and waking Trevor up) every hour. "Why is it still raining?" "Why is it so dark outside?" The next morning, we packed up and hiked out - easy-peasy; me, with my breast pump and precious milk supply over my shoulder.  Here are some pictures of the road damage.

This week, Rose has been grumpy, drooly, and feverish. I think this means that teeth 7 and 8 are on the rise. Hopefully they will be here before Friday when Rose and I fly to Chicago to visit Grandpa and Nana B!

Yesterday, I upgraded my iPhone. Now, not only will I get better pictures, but I can make videos too! Here's a random video of Rose playing with a box. You'll see how grumpy and tired she is - stopping to fuss in the middle of playing. But at the end, I manage to get a few little giggles out of her.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Brace Begone!

The result of Rose's hip appointment yesterday was "so far, so good," which was great to hear. Grandpa came along to hear the good news and to keep Rose entertained. They had a good time playing with the toys in the waiting area and looking at the fish in the fish tank.

When we got in to see Dr. A, he put Rose on her back and attempted to manipulate her legs into certain positions. She was throwing such a fit (one that included screaming and straightening her legs in frustration) that it took more than a few tries before he could see what he was looking for. I know she was so angry, but I couldn't help laughing at the power struggle between the two. Luckily, Dr. A was laughing too. Dr. A bent her knees to a 90 degree angle and pulled them together to make sure the knees rose to the same height. Then he abducted her legs out as wide as possible to check that both legs had the same range of flexibility. Rose passed both these tests with flying colors. They took another x-ray to check the position of the ball and socket joint on her right side. The image showed that Rose's right femoral head has not ossified into bone yet, though her left has. It is common for ossification to happen later in hips that have gone through a closed reduction, but it's something that we need to keep watching. From what he could see on the x-ray, Dr. A thinks the hip looks like it's in the right position. The highlight of the appointment was when Dr. A said "Why don't we stop using the brace." To which I responded reflexively with a victory arm pump. We go back in four months for the next check-up.

Here's Rose watching her mom make silly faces before bed last night.

See you later.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Information Overload

I know it's been a long time since I've put up a new post. With each day that passes, the task gets more and more daunting as Rose adds new tricks, sounds and stories to her repertoire. I was hoping to do a Holiday post to document Rose's first Christmas, but instead of putting a lot of detail into words, I'll post a picture documentary at the end of this blog covering the last few weeks.

Rose spent her first Christmas in Oregon with her parents, Grandma and Grandpa and her Aunties April and Stephanie. She had the pleasure of keeping Aunt Stephanie up all night while Trevor and I went out on the town to celebrate his birthday. Apparently, this was after staying up putting on a show of cuteness for everyone, but it's hard to remember how cute Rose can be when she's screaming in your ear at 2 in the morning. Then again, it's hard to remember what a monster she was in the middle of the night when she wakes up in the morning and begins the cuteness all over again.

On Christmas day, Rose opened a few presents - she was especially intrigued with the paper and ribbons, but has since enjoyed all her new toys and most of her new clothes. She had a front row seat at the First Annual Livingston 100 Yard Dash. Diplomatically, she did not root for anyone in particular as her mom and dad sprinted (I use this term loosely) down the track. Her dad won this time, but I'm determined to get the victory next year. I see lots of squats in my future. Our New Years was a quiet one this year. All three of us were asleep as 2011 rolled in.

Rose has done a ton of development over the past few weeks. Most notably, she has mastered walking while holding onto things and sitting back down after standing up. Dancing is still one of Rose's favorite activities. When she hears the beat, she stops what she's doing - whether sitting, crawling or standing - and starts to bounce, looking around slightly wide eyed, as if she can't help it. And if possible, she gets at least one arm up in the air to pump to the rhythm. A workable beat can come from many sources - the radio, a CD, an ad on TV, her electronic beeping toys, her dad singing, and even her mom singing her a lullaby in a pitch black room at bed time. Yes, I have had my baby cradled in my arms, half asleep in her pajamas, rocking gently back and forth and have seen through the darkness of the night a little arm slowly rise up, fingers spread, rhythmically pumping along with my whispered lullaby.

Daycare has started to use some sign language with Rose, mostly around the act of eating. I'm trying my best to reinforce this by signing with her, too. Usually when I do a sign, I say the word and make the sign. Rose watches with interest, I think she's getting the concept. But most of the time when I do a sign, she just laughs. "Rose, do you want to EAT?" (motioning to my mouth). "Heh, heh." "Do you want to EAT?" "Heh, heh." And back to playing with her toys. The one sign that she has figured out how to do on her own is the "all done" sign. It's pretty cool that she can communicate she's done eating without having to scream at me. The other day, not only did she sign, but she actually said what sounded exactly like "all done."

Other words that we've heard Rose use are "Dada" - her favorite by far. And "up."

On the teeth front, Rose had six teeth - two on bottom and four across the top. It's definitely looking like she'll have her mom's space between her front two teeth.

Rose's range of solid foods has greatly expanded. She is eating pretty much everything except nuts, honey, citrus, milk products and seafood. Some of her favorites are scrambled eggs, chicken, avocado and beans. And daycare reported yesterday that she loved her pasta with red sauce.

Tomorrow Rose has her three month hip check-up. As always, I get more and more nervous as the hour of the appointment approaches. Think happy hip thoughts for our girl.


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