Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cry Me a River

Rose had an exciting time with Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Roger over MLK weekend. She had a chance to hang out with a lot of people, at least five diffract cats and a dog. She learned how to say "kitty cat" - almost. She perfected blowing a kiss. And she worked on climbing stairs in the up direction.

Rose's parents also had some excitement this weekend when the road to their cabin was washed out by the flooding Sandy River. Leaving our car and most of our belongings behind, we had to walk out through the forest to be picked up by Roger on the other side. When I found out the road was gone on Sunday night, my first thought was that I had no way to reach Rose. I was surprised by the panic that rose within me at this notion. I told myself (and was reminded by Trevor many times) that not only was Rose safe and happy and exactly where we would want her to be, but I wasn't planning on seeing her for another day anyway. The panic did not subside. I could not get to my daughter if I wanted to, and my heart, brain and guts would not let me forget it. After some tears and deep breaths, I made it through the night, but not without waking up (and waking Trevor up) every hour. "Why is it still raining?" "Why is it so dark outside?" The next morning, we packed up and hiked out - easy-peasy; me, with my breast pump and precious milk supply over my shoulder.  Here are some pictures of the road damage.

This week, Rose has been grumpy, drooly, and feverish. I think this means that teeth 7 and 8 are on the rise. Hopefully they will be here before Friday when Rose and I fly to Chicago to visit Grandpa and Nana B!

Yesterday, I upgraded my iPhone. Now, not only will I get better pictures, but I can make videos too! Here's a random video of Rose playing with a box. You'll see how grumpy and tired she is - stopping to fuss in the middle of playing. But at the end, I manage to get a few little giggles out of her.

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