Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Windy City

Rose's first trip to Chicago was quick, cold and full of adventure.

I was pretty apprehensive about flying by myself with a 10 month old. Luckily, Roger drove us to the airport and was there to help me haul all our stuff in and make sure we got to security without a hitch. After checking my suitcase and the car seat, things were pretty manageable with Rose in her umbrella stroller and the diaper bag over my shoulder. On the way to our gate, we made a great discovery - Gate C1, where all the chairs for waiting were removed, leaving an open carpeted expanse. Perfect for an energetic baby. Here's Rose playing with her stroller.

We were the very first people to board the plane. I got Rose settled into a seat, contently munching on a piece of bread, while I got everything situated.

This part was tricky. The diaper bag was bursting at the seams with all the new toys, different foods, and comfort items I'd brought to captivate Rose's attention during the four hour flight. I quickly learned how slippery that attention span was - cycling through different toys and food items every few minutes, desperately trying to delay the inevitable meltdown. In the end, I resorted to continual boob rotation until she fell asleep. We got lucky on this flight and had the entire row to ourselves. I don't know what I would have done if people had been sitting next to us. I definitely wouldn't have been swinging Rose frantically back and forth between my breasts. The flight attendants really saved the day, coming over and taking Rose on a tour of the plane and the passengers to give me a short break. She was more than happy to participate in the adventure.

In Chicago, Rose enjoyed hanging out with Grandpa and Nana. She had fun helping Grandpa put together the alphabet train.

And she loved conducting the train all over the house, with part of the packaging in her mouth.

This became a bit of a theme.

It was an adventure getting to know the doggies, too. At first they were almost abhorrent, receiving shoves, pthhhhtts, and tears when they tried to lick Rose's face. But by the end, Rose was hunting them down to "play" with.

The biggest adventure of the weekend was Rose's first trip to the aquarium. I was surprised at how engaged she was by the fish, ducks, turtles and people. She loved having Grandpa show her around and talk about the fishies.

I was also impressed by her stamina and ours. We lasted hours without a serious meltdown, by Rose or any of the adults. Actually we were looking quite chipper at the end.

As we boarded the flight home, we saw a slew of familiar faces. "Well, hello Miss Rose!" It was the same wonderful flight crew as the ride out. What luck!

It was a great trip to the Windy City. A bit cold and way too short, but Rose and I are really glad that we were able to fit it in. And we both loved spending time with Grandpa and Nana!  

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