Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thrice Bitten, Twice Shy?

After my first few experiences, I found myself comparing the Wobbler room to a room full of little zombies. When you first arrive, you see the children tottering around slowly with their arms out on seemingly aimless paths, nearly avoiding collisions as they pass by one another. But if you stand in one place long enough, you realize they are all honing in on your location. And soon you'll find that you're surrounded - a swarm of little drooling smiles eagerly looking up at you, reaching out.

Lately, however, I'm inclined to describe the Wobbler room as more akin to a vampire nest. In the three weeks that Rose has been a Wobbler, I've had to sign two accident reports as result of her being bitten by a friend. In addition to the reported bites, twice I've discovered bite marks on her back during bath time. Marks clear enough to take a dental imprint and hunt down this unlikely friend. If you look very closely, you can see the first ones I found here in the center of her back:

In talking to daycare, they report that this is not unusual at this age, unfortunately. The Wobblers are too young to understand appropriate biting boundaries and are not biting out of malice. They are also quick, making adult intervention difficult prior to the event. I'm sure Rose has doled out her fair share of bites.

Yesterday, I received a call from daycare while at work. "It's not an emergency, but we just wanted to let you know that Rose was toppled over by one of her friends. During this tumble, her friend scratched her a bit on the face. She was a real trooper and only cried for thirty seconds. She got lots of ice and seems to be doing fine. We just wanted to let you know." That was odd. In retrospect, I think this was meant to prepare me and lessen the shock of the "scratches" when I picked her up. When I arrived at daycare after work, Rose was resting her body in a row of four other kids also resting their bodies. While I waited for her to wake up, one of the teachers warned me: "It looks BAD. She's fine and had a great afternoon, but it looks BAD." I talked to each of teachers to try to get the real story of what had happened. Everyone seemed to have a different vague version, then added the caveat "Well, I wasn't here when it happened."

When Rose woke up, I was shocked. Her entire right cheek was swollen and red with marks in multiple spots. This didn't look like a scratch. As I cuddled her and got her stuff together, I asked one last teacher "So what happened? Do you think she might have hit her face on something?" - gesturing to the swollen cheek.

"No, she was bitten. Three times."

Apparently, this friend was so frustrated with falling down on top of Rose, that he dished out three bites before a teacher could separate them.

Not that Rose seemed to mind or even notice. She reportedly had a great afternoon at daycare and she was a happy girl last night. Here she is enjoying her bath with her war wounds.

Rose continues to learn about her environment. Putting things inside, on top and around other things to see what happens. The other day I watched her open a drawer in the kitchen, put my wallet inside, close the drawer and crawl away. Later, when I was unloading groceries into the fridge, she pulled herself up, found her bottle on a shelf, took a gulp, then put it back. Pretty funny. Here she is right after that stunt. Notice all the beverage options - and she still opted for the breast milk.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Attention to Detail

Rose has been showing an increased ability to remember things after they leave her line of sight. In the past when her attention has gotten hyper-focused on something in the not-for-Rose category, I simply placed the item out of view and distracted her with a cool for-Rose toy. Now, when the not-for-Rose item is placed out of view, it results in a stronger obsession with the item and lots of pointing up, head nodding, and "uh?" repetitions. Even when the item is completely out of view. "Uh?" "Yes, that's mom's coffee." "Uh?" "Mom's coffee. It's hot" "Uh?" "Mom's coffee. Not for Rose." Ten minutes later, engrossed in the task of putting toys into a bag, Rose will suddenly stop, point up, nod her head and "Uh?" "Yes, Mom's coffee is still up there."

I tried to curb her fascination with coffee this weekend by letting her taste a drop off my finger. I have vivid memories from my childhood of trying to like the taste of my mom's coffee. I knew she liked it, she drank it every day. And I thought it would make sense for me to like it, or at least understand the possibility of liking it. But no matter how many times I tasted the murky brown liquid in her mug, it continued to be unbearable for years. This weekend, I dipped my finger into my own mug of black coffee and let Rose take a taste. Instead of the expected ppppthhhht, she leaned forward for more. Really, Rose? You won't drink baby formula so I can wean you off breast milk, but black coffee is just fine?

Rose's desire and aptitude for exploration also seems to be growing lately, which isn't surprising given her move to the Wobbs room where she's surrounded by teetering pre-toddlers who are constantly on the move and into everything. I thought she was a busy girl before, but she reached a new level this weekend. Some of her exciting discoveries include:

The girl in the mirror is actually me.

The toilet doesn't get tired of flushing.

Opening and closing doors is easy, socks are still slightly entertaining and, whoa, there's a new bag in the hallway...

Rose's exploration is taking place is in the crib, too. Gone are the days of putting her to sleep on her back and walking away, to find her in the exact same position hours later upon waking. Now she prefers to sleep on her stomach, but only after crawling around the crib and bear hugging her sheep a few times. Here's how Trevor found her sleeping the other night when he went in to check on her.

When she wakes up, she now heads straight for the foot of the crib, pulls up to standing and squawks at the door until one of us comes to find her. 

Rose's sense of humor is also on the rise or at least her variety of laughs. She loves to laugh at her dad, and finds him completely hilarious. Some times she throws her head back with a big open mouth smile, other times she squints her eyes in a seemingly flirty smirk, and some times she just cheeses like this..heehee...

That's our happy and silly girl right there.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wobbly Wobblers

Rose moved out of the infant room at daycare this week and is now officially a Wobbler. This transition is not going unnoticed by our little munchkin. She is now one of the smallest babies in the room again. When I picked her up yesterday, the other seven kids still waiting for their parents were all bulky boys past their first birthdays with just enough walking skills to be dangerous. They teetered aimlessly around the room with their bulging bellies leading the way, looking up a me with proud smiles and runny noses, about to topple over with every step. It was pretty cute. Luckily, Rose's friends Claire and Jillian moved up this week too, so she sees some familiar faces and has other girls to commiserate with when needed.

Being in the Wobbler room means only one official nap a day (though there are pillows in the corner where babies can rest their bodies at any time). So far, this has resulted in better napping for Rose. Her official nap has been almost an hour each day, and she has rested her body (with her eyes closed and lots of snoring) one or two times a day.

In Wobbs, Rose will learn how to walk, use a spoon, sit in a big girl chair, play gently and share, among other things. A lot of work for our girl in the next few months. And she's already getting started - this week, Rose has pointed to her mouth to let me know she wants to eat two days in row at dinner time without me prompting her.

On Tuesday, Grandpa made a surprise visit to the Wobbs room, to find Rose resting her body in the corner. When she woke, she showed off one of her new skills - crawling through tunnels.

It's good to see her happy in these pictures. The report from Wobbs is that she is a bit of a drama queen this week, throwing her head back (or forward) and crying in dismay when she realizes she's in a new place or that her infant teachers aren't around. We've been assured that this is totally normal, though I think they mean the adjustment period, not the head throwing fits. Trevor has been spending extra time with Rose in the mornings at daycare to help ease the transition.

Outside of daycare, Rose has found herself in some funny situations lately. Blame it on her parents, who find it completely entertaining to put our baby in new places and positions.

It's okay, Rose thinks it's funny, too. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Soccer for Breakfast, Lunch for Goats, and Pizza for the Super Bowl

This weekend was Grandma Kathy's birthday. Rose, Trevor and I had the pleasure of celebrating with Roger and Kathy all day long on Sunday.

The day started with a nice family walk to breakfast at Kell's. Who knew Kell's served breakfast? Soccer fans, that's who. The pub was only half full on this Sunday morning (unlike most overflowing Portland breakfast spots) but everybody who was there, was there for the Liverpool v. Chelsea match playing on the flat screens (unlike most overflowing Portland breakfast spots). Not only were we seated right away, but the food was delicious, the noise level was perfectly loud enough to hide any baby outbursts, and the floor was easily swept of food items that might be casually dropped over the sides of a highchair. Oh, and there were tons of dollar bills stuck to the ceiling.

Rose enjoyed her own order of scrambled eggs, Kathy's corn beef hash, my Cumberland sausage and anything else she could get her hands on. Happy camper? Yes.

After breakfast, we walked back to the car, narrowly avoiding a stop at Voodoo Doughnuts. The agreed upon plan was that we would take the scenic route to the zoo allowing Rose time to get her morning nap in before our next outing. Rose apparently wasn't paying attention when Trevor explained the plan details and stayed awake the entire ride to the zoo. We bundled up and headed in.

Trevor was able to get Rose her nap while we toured around the Northwest section. And she woke up in great spirits. This time around she loved seeing the lions, birds and once again, the goats.

The petting area was open, so Rose was able to get up close and personal with the goats, giving one of them her signature sumo move.

And in return, one goat got up close and personal with Trevor - earning trust by nuzzling his forearm and then quickly chomping a clump of his arm hair for lunch.

I think a fun trip was had by all, especially Rose who couldn't take her eyes off the animals.

After the zoo, we all returned to the apartment for the Super Bowl. Kathy and Trevor made super yummy pizzas, Rose took a nap and Roger and I ate our way through a few bowls of traditional football watching snacks.

Another fun weekend with family!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nonni Comes to Town

Nonni and Robert came to Portland over the weekend to visit Rose and it proved to be another adventurous few days for our little girl. 

On friday morning, my mom generously offered a few hours of her time to help me go pick up our car from the other side of the washed out portion of Lolo Pass Road, which now has a temporary one lane bridge. It was a piece of cake and we were back well in time for lunch. That afternoon, we went to daycare early to play with Rose for a little while before taking her home. We watched her have her afternoon snack of bananas, peaches and crackers. She was really into the bananas, until the peaches arrived. After that she wouldn't touch the banana. I find this happens a lot at home, too. If there is more than one food option on Rose's tray, she usually snubs all the items except the most interesting. This has lead to a lot of chicken, egg and avocado consumption lately. Rose loves avocado!

After daycare, the three of us ladies spent the afternoon playing, looking cute and cooking dinner. Cute? Who, me? 

On Saturday, after a great 1.5 hour nap by our little non-napper, Rose, Trevor, Nonni and I went to the zoo. Another first for our little girl. While some of the animals were too far away or too small to pay any attention to, others were exciting enough to elicit a squeal, laugh, and in one instance a bit of a dance. The goats at the petting zoo were particularly thrilling, probably because of their close proximity.

Rose also seemed to like the monkeys, giraffes, fish and of course all the other kiddos running around. Nonni was able to capture this look of delight. What fun!

After such an eventful day, Rose got some respite in the tub. Relaxing like a pro.

The remainder of Nonni's visit was spent just hanging out having a good time. It was a short visit, but we really enjoyed it!