Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nonni Comes to Town

Nonni and Robert came to Portland over the weekend to visit Rose and it proved to be another adventurous few days for our little girl. 

On friday morning, my mom generously offered a few hours of her time to help me go pick up our car from the other side of the washed out portion of Lolo Pass Road, which now has a temporary one lane bridge. It was a piece of cake and we were back well in time for lunch. That afternoon, we went to daycare early to play with Rose for a little while before taking her home. We watched her have her afternoon snack of bananas, peaches and crackers. She was really into the bananas, until the peaches arrived. After that she wouldn't touch the banana. I find this happens a lot at home, too. If there is more than one food option on Rose's tray, she usually snubs all the items except the most interesting. This has lead to a lot of chicken, egg and avocado consumption lately. Rose loves avocado!

After daycare, the three of us ladies spent the afternoon playing, looking cute and cooking dinner. Cute? Who, me? 

On Saturday, after a great 1.5 hour nap by our little non-napper, Rose, Trevor, Nonni and I went to the zoo. Another first for our little girl. While some of the animals were too far away or too small to pay any attention to, others were exciting enough to elicit a squeal, laugh, and in one instance a bit of a dance. The goats at the petting zoo were particularly thrilling, probably because of their close proximity.

Rose also seemed to like the monkeys, giraffes, fish and of course all the other kiddos running around. Nonni was able to capture this look of delight. What fun!

After such an eventful day, Rose got some respite in the tub. Relaxing like a pro.

The remainder of Nonni's visit was spent just hanging out having a good time. It was a short visit, but we really enjoyed it!

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