Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Soccer for Breakfast, Lunch for Goats, and Pizza for the Super Bowl

This weekend was Grandma Kathy's birthday. Rose, Trevor and I had the pleasure of celebrating with Roger and Kathy all day long on Sunday.

The day started with a nice family walk to breakfast at Kell's. Who knew Kell's served breakfast? Soccer fans, that's who. The pub was only half full on this Sunday morning (unlike most overflowing Portland breakfast spots) but everybody who was there, was there for the Liverpool v. Chelsea match playing on the flat screens (unlike most overflowing Portland breakfast spots). Not only were we seated right away, but the food was delicious, the noise level was perfectly loud enough to hide any baby outbursts, and the floor was easily swept of food items that might be casually dropped over the sides of a highchair. Oh, and there were tons of dollar bills stuck to the ceiling.

Rose enjoyed her own order of scrambled eggs, Kathy's corn beef hash, my Cumberland sausage and anything else she could get her hands on. Happy camper? Yes.

After breakfast, we walked back to the car, narrowly avoiding a stop at Voodoo Doughnuts. The agreed upon plan was that we would take the scenic route to the zoo allowing Rose time to get her morning nap in before our next outing. Rose apparently wasn't paying attention when Trevor explained the plan details and stayed awake the entire ride to the zoo. We bundled up and headed in.

Trevor was able to get Rose her nap while we toured around the Northwest section. And she woke up in great spirits. This time around she loved seeing the lions, birds and once again, the goats.

The petting area was open, so Rose was able to get up close and personal with the goats, giving one of them her signature sumo move.

And in return, one goat got up close and personal with Trevor - earning trust by nuzzling his forearm and then quickly chomping a clump of his arm hair for lunch.

I think a fun trip was had by all, especially Rose who couldn't take her eyes off the animals.

After the zoo, we all returned to the apartment for the Super Bowl. Kathy and Trevor made super yummy pizzas, Rose took a nap and Roger and I ate our way through a few bowls of traditional football watching snacks.

Another fun weekend with family!

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