Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wobbly Wobblers

Rose moved out of the infant room at daycare this week and is now officially a Wobbler. This transition is not going unnoticed by our little munchkin. She is now one of the smallest babies in the room again. When I picked her up yesterday, the other seven kids still waiting for their parents were all bulky boys past their first birthdays with just enough walking skills to be dangerous. They teetered aimlessly around the room with their bulging bellies leading the way, looking up a me with proud smiles and runny noses, about to topple over with every step. It was pretty cute. Luckily, Rose's friends Claire and Jillian moved up this week too, so she sees some familiar faces and has other girls to commiserate with when needed.

Being in the Wobbler room means only one official nap a day (though there are pillows in the corner where babies can rest their bodies at any time). So far, this has resulted in better napping for Rose. Her official nap has been almost an hour each day, and she has rested her body (with her eyes closed and lots of snoring) one or two times a day.

In Wobbs, Rose will learn how to walk, use a spoon, sit in a big girl chair, play gently and share, among other things. A lot of work for our girl in the next few months. And she's already getting started - this week, Rose has pointed to her mouth to let me know she wants to eat two days in row at dinner time without me prompting her.

On Tuesday, Grandpa made a surprise visit to the Wobbs room, to find Rose resting her body in the corner. When she woke, she showed off one of her new skills - crawling through tunnels.

It's good to see her happy in these pictures. The report from Wobbs is that she is a bit of a drama queen this week, throwing her head back (or forward) and crying in dismay when she realizes she's in a new place or that her infant teachers aren't around. We've been assured that this is totally normal, though I think they mean the adjustment period, not the head throwing fits. Trevor has been spending extra time with Rose in the mornings at daycare to help ease the transition.

Outside of daycare, Rose has found herself in some funny situations lately. Blame it on her parents, who find it completely entertaining to put our baby in new places and positions.

It's okay, Rose thinks it's funny, too. :)

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