Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Walk With Me!

Suddenly, one of Rose's favorite things has become walking anywhere and everywhere holding onto two things - usually a cooperative adult's right and left hands. But sometimes she'll take off unknowingly with one hand and one toy held above her head. Either way, she wants to move and she wants you to go with her. If you try to take her off course, she digs her heels in and protests with a firm staccato "dat, dat, dat, dat..." until you get back on track. After a long weekend at the beach house, all of us over the age of one needed a good back massage!

Rose had a great time at the beach house. She woke up every morning to help Grandpa with breakfast.

And then consumed the resulting masterpiece with gusto.

She had a play date with a new friend - a younger man who wasn't yet crawling. She couldn't quite figure out how to play with him, so she resorted to pointing out where his eyes were, in case he hadn't discovered them yet.

Rose enjoyed exploring the interpretive center down the street. She talked to puppets, walked and crawled over everything and listened to different bird calls.

Rose developed a new sense of her surroundings over the weekend. Doors are no longer just a part of the wall, but portals to new and exciting places. She requested over and over and over again to venture out the backdoor down to the beach to watch the birds, walk on the sand and play with rocks (another new and exciting discovery). Coming back inside again would reset her interest, and within minutes she'd be asking to go back out the door. By asking, I mean pointing at it and saying "Dat? Dat? Dat?" over and over again. And she would burst into tears if she was told that it wasn't going to happen right then. There's been a lot of that lately - bursting into tears in response to not getting her way. It's fascinating to watch her assert her developing personality. And funny and exhausting.

Here Rose is outside with Grandma, Mom and walking with Dad.

I'll leave you with a video of Rose and her first run in with string cheese. She's pretty good at animal sounds, but as you'll see in this video, the talent comes and goes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Big Number One

Our baby girl reached the ripe age of one year old this Sunday. And she's as sassy, precocious and fun as ever.

Among her many new tricks are woofing at dogs, meowing at cats (and dogs that look like cats), attempting the itsy-bitsy spider song a billion times a day, playing peek-a-boo (mostly while in the middle of a meal), using the signs for bird, please, and milk, and drinking whole milk!

We tried to keep Rose's birthday simple and easy, but I was exhausted half way through the day. Too much excitement for mom. We started out with an early trip to the zoo. Trevor got us there right as the zoo was opening at 9am - we almost had the place to ourselves. Rose enjoyed seeing otters, lions, tigers, a zebra, lots of birds and some silly monkeys. It was a cold day so we were all bundled up.

Rose wasn't sure what to make of the lorikeets. 

Luckily, this sheet of glass was there to prevent Rose from treating the lions like she does Scamper.

After the zoo, Trevor and I toured Skyline Boulevard while Rose took her morning nap. We arrived at Roger and Kathy's just as Rose was waking up. Her first sight upon waking was Grandpa waving at her through the back seat window - to which Rose said "Ga-ba" very matter-of-factly.

We quickly got to the birthday festivities. Trevor presented Rose with her birthday cupcake and candle to blow out. I was pretty excited and proud of my first cupcake baking attempt, but Rose was less than impressed.

After a few tentative tastes of frosting, though, she got the idea.

By the end she had frosting everywhere. Peek-a-boo!

Here she is with frosting shellacking her hair...

...and with a serious sugar rush!

After cupcakes, we opened presents. Rose got a lot of cool stuff. This year, Rose will be lounging around, making music, building, hauling, drawing, reading, swimming, and being very fashionable the entire time. Rose says thank you to all!

Here are some more pictures from the big day, starting with Rose in her handmade chair from Grandpa Roger.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sugar and Spice

Rose has recovered well from her wobbler bites. A small bruise on her cheek is all that remains. Continuing to prove "if it's not one thing, it's another," Rose and I had to take a sick day today because Rose has had a steady fever of 102.5 since last night. When it started to rise this afternoon, nearing 104, I took her to her pediatrician's clinic to see if it was another ear infection. The doctor on duty tried to check out her ear drums, but his line of sight was impeded by too much wax. He called the nurse in for an ear cleaning procedure that involved stripping Rose down, swaddling her tightly in a sheet, holding her on her back with her head to the side and squirting water into her ears with a syringe for about ten minutes. She screamed in protest the entire time. And she's loud. When the doctor came back in for a second look, he still couldn't see. So we left without a diagnosis and with instructions to watch her closely over the next 48 hours. And to use Trevor's ear wax softener on her for three days.

Rose continued to scream steadily through the entire lack of diagnosis and final instructions from the doctor. "Da da da da ta ta ta TA TA da da DA DA...." When he started to walk towards the door and turned around to loudly say "good-bye"over her squawks, she immediately stopped crying, lifted her arm high above her head and waved her hand at the doctor very purposefully. Good-bye! He laughed and affirmed that our daughter is quite a character.

As lousy as Rose was feeling today, we still had a fun day together. And she still ate like a champ - a good sign. Today I made an Indian curry for dinner and Rose loved it - chicken and potatoes in a tomato sauce full of cumin, coriander, cloves, cardamom, garlic, chili powder and cinnamon. I thought for sure these spices would slow her down. But she didn't miss a beat. Hand over fist, the chicken and potatoes disappeared.

Here's a happy Rose post ibuprofen in the tub tonight.

Last night, I discovered that Rose's ninth tooth has come in. When did that happen? She was a bit drooly last weekend, and she hasn't been sleeping well, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised. Well, there it is, her first molar  - on the upper left side. Sharp as a sawtooth! She continues to drool, so I imagine we'll be seeing more of these molars appearing soon.

Another new thing in Rose's life is yogurt. She tried it, she loves it and she seems to be tolerating it just fine so far. It's a wonderful thing.

Here are a some pictures of Rose and her dad this past weekend.

And I'll leave you with a picture of Rose sharing Cheerios with her friend Kinsley at a baby group get together. By sharing, I mean eating Kinsley's Cheerios out of her mom's hand faster than Kinsley can eat them.