Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Big Number One

Our baby girl reached the ripe age of one year old this Sunday. And she's as sassy, precocious and fun as ever.

Among her many new tricks are woofing at dogs, meowing at cats (and dogs that look like cats), attempting the itsy-bitsy spider song a billion times a day, playing peek-a-boo (mostly while in the middle of a meal), using the signs for bird, please, and milk, and drinking whole milk!

We tried to keep Rose's birthday simple and easy, but I was exhausted half way through the day. Too much excitement for mom. We started out with an early trip to the zoo. Trevor got us there right as the zoo was opening at 9am - we almost had the place to ourselves. Rose enjoyed seeing otters, lions, tigers, a zebra, lots of birds and some silly monkeys. It was a cold day so we were all bundled up.

Rose wasn't sure what to make of the lorikeets. 

Luckily, this sheet of glass was there to prevent Rose from treating the lions like she does Scamper.

After the zoo, Trevor and I toured Skyline Boulevard while Rose took her morning nap. We arrived at Roger and Kathy's just as Rose was waking up. Her first sight upon waking was Grandpa waving at her through the back seat window - to which Rose said "Ga-ba" very matter-of-factly.

We quickly got to the birthday festivities. Trevor presented Rose with her birthday cupcake and candle to blow out. I was pretty excited and proud of my first cupcake baking attempt, but Rose was less than impressed.

After a few tentative tastes of frosting, though, she got the idea.

By the end she had frosting everywhere. Peek-a-boo!

Here she is with frosting shellacking her hair...

...and with a serious sugar rush!

After cupcakes, we opened presents. Rose got a lot of cool stuff. This year, Rose will be lounging around, making music, building, hauling, drawing, reading, swimming, and being very fashionable the entire time. Rose says thank you to all!

Here are some more pictures from the big day, starting with Rose in her handmade chair from Grandpa Roger.

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