Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This Easter weekend we were fortunate enough to have a beautiful sunny day on Saturday, amidst seemingly endless days of rain over the past months. Rose and I took advantage of the 70 degree weather and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's to get some good back yard time in before the rain returned. Lucky for us, the Easter Bunny was alerted of our visit. When we arrived, Rose was promptly given a basket and lead out on her first Easter egg hunt!

During the hunt, Rose did a great job of standing on her own and walking with assistance, providing some good photo ops. We later discovered that this may have been due to her aversion of grass - particularly grass touching her bare skin. When she did finally sit down, she refused to crawl or put her hands down in order to stand up again. Instead, she resorted to an ineffective scooting on her hiney with her hands high above her head. It didn't get her far, so she acted content to just sit and play with her loot (subtly lifting one leg in the air and holding it there when her ankle became exposed). Is this one of the side effects of apartment living? It just won't do! We'll be visiting Grandma and Grandpa a lot this summer for some grass avoidance intervention!

After the hunt, Rose checked out some flowers (a new favorite object) and enjoyed some strawberries in the chair that Grandpa made. Yum!

On Sunday, Rose and I returned to Hillsboro with Trevor to share Easter dinner with Kathy and Roger. Though the sun had disappeared, we enjoyed a few minutes in the yard and a delicious meal!

Yesterday, one of Rose's teachers sent me a picture I can't resist sharing. It catches Rose in an affectionate moment with one of her friends at the soap bubble touch tub. From the reports, she's been doing this a lot at daycare lately.

And I'll leave you with a short video of Rose goofing off in her highchair with dinner all over her face. She makes funny raspberries, fake laughs, and works briefly on a diaper project at the end. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Obsess Much?

Repetition does not get old when you're one. In fact, it is enchanting. In quick, steady repetition, Rose will cover and uncover her doll with a blanket for minutes on end, as though under a spell. Sometimes she appears to be enjoying herself. But other times, she furrows her brow, grunts with the effort and gets frustrated if the blanket won't lay perfectly flat over the doll's back. So she takes if off and tries again. Once the spell has lifted, she might add in some back patting and singing to the doll as it lays face down under the blanket. I wonder where she learned that?

Chairs have become a recent focus of this obsessive behavior lately. Finding a Rose sized chair the other day, she sat down, stood up, sat down, stood up about fifty times over without missing a beat. She also likes the adult sized chairs even though she is unable to get into and out of them on her own (and I thought bending over to help her walk was hard on my back). When we were at the park yesterday, Rose walked me right over to an outside table where two ladies were enjoying tea together. (Thinking everyone is one of your friends and wants to talk to you is another symptom of being one.) Once we arrived and she'd welcomed her new friends with a wave, she asked me if I would please help her sit in the third empty chair at the table. Luckily, the ladies seemed happy to have an uninvited guest for a few minutes - so I put Rose in the chair. She leaned back, put her arms on the arm rests and smiled. Then asked me to help her get down. Knowing the chair dance trance that was about to descend upon my daughter, I swooped her up to go check out the bear statue. Rose and the ladies waved bye enthusiastically as we walked away. "Such innocence at that age," I heard one of them say. Such OCD, is more like it.

After checking out the bear, we found a rock for Rose to practice some more sitting on her own.

Rose has been very interested in glasses lately. She likes to talk about them a lot by slowly poking her eye when she sees them - mom's glasses, dad's glasses, the woman's sunglasses, the teacher in the Brown Bear, Brown Bear book's glasses. So the other night I let her take a closer look at my glasses, even though the general house rule is "glasses aren't a toy, not for Rose." They are trickier to use than she thought.

With a little help, though, she's quite the charming nerd.

And I'll leave you with a video full of hairlarity.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Left, Left, Left, Right, Left...

At this point, Rose still hasn't bested her episode of walking that I caught on video in the last post. She continues to practice standing up without assistance and taking a few tentative steps with a huge goofy grin on her face. But mostly, she tumbles sideways after three or four steps. Or thrusts herself forward into the waiting arms of an adult or cushioned piece of furniture. Here's a typical effort. So cute, isn't it?

Rose still heavily favors her left hand. Though she does seem able to do everything equally well with the right, she definitely prefers the left. I read somewhere that babies generally switch handedness multiple times before the age of two and finally settle into a preference around two or three. I have yet to see evidence of Rose favoring her right hand ever. It will be interesting to see what her final decision is. Here are some pictures of her lefty behaviors.

Yes, this is how you eat yogurt when you're twelve months old. 

Even though the weather hasn't been particularly nice, it's supposedly spring, so Rose and I have been taking a lot of outings to the parks in the neighborhood. Rose loves to go across the street to Jamison Park where we see how many doggies we can spot, and hope to make a chance encounter with a few of them. Rose eagerly pulls my hands to walk her towards anything on four legs, woofing the entire walk. It's questionable whether we'll make it to the dog before it's on its way. If not, there are lots of birds to talk about. Rose also loves to visit the bear. She growls at it from across the street as soon as she sees it. When we arrive, she likes to point out the bears eyes, nose and ears. She touches the smooth rock, then the rough rock, then the smooth rock.

Rose has made a new friend in the building. Liam is just a few weeks older than Rose and he has a cool double seater red waggon that he lets Rose ride in sometimes. If she's really lucky, Liam lets her hold his Elmo doll. And Liam has a dog, Sophie! When Rose see Sophie walking through the park towards her, she lets out a string of emphatic woofs until they have made contact. What fun!

Rose has added a few new signs to her language repertoire. She has perfected the signs for Please, All Done, Bird, More, Book, and Hat. Other signs she uses are not perfect replications of the ASL sign, but if you spend enough time with her, you begin to understand her versions. I consistently see her attempted Bike, Flower, Shoes, Cow and Milk. Other words have a Rose created sign. For Hot or Steam she blows out of her mouth. For Eat she slaps her thighs and says "Pop" (this is because at daycare they sing a Popping Popcorn song every time before they eat). For Glasses, she pokes her eye slowly but firmly enough that it waters. For Help, she does All Done but with the pirate grimace. For Toilet Paper, Paper Towel or anything similar, she wipes her nose with her hand. For Shampoo and Soap, she rubs her hands together.

Rose's spoken vocabulary is improving, too. Though she still speaks in only one to two sounds. So both Sheep and Shoe are "Shhhh." And Bird and Ball are "Baaa." Grandpa is still something like "Bump-ba" and Bubbles are "Bub-ba." And Hi is, surprisingly, "Hiii" and Bye is "Biii."

Biii, for now.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Steps!

Rose took her first legitimate steps this Sunday! She proudly walked off nine steps for us before tumbling over - a big grin on her face. As soon as I located my iPhone, I tried to capture this amazing sight on video. But it appears that Rose might have been hitting the bottle in the meantime. 

We all think having a tipsy Frankenstein in the family is pretty funny.

After a little break, we tried again.

And that's what we call walking in our family! Rose continues to work on taking steps and going from sitting, to a bear stand and all the way up to standing. It looks like a lot of work, but she always does it with a big grin and a few giggles.