Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This Easter weekend we were fortunate enough to have a beautiful sunny day on Saturday, amidst seemingly endless days of rain over the past months. Rose and I took advantage of the 70 degree weather and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's to get some good back yard time in before the rain returned. Lucky for us, the Easter Bunny was alerted of our visit. When we arrived, Rose was promptly given a basket and lead out on her first Easter egg hunt!

During the hunt, Rose did a great job of standing on her own and walking with assistance, providing some good photo ops. We later discovered that this may have been due to her aversion of grass - particularly grass touching her bare skin. When she did finally sit down, she refused to crawl or put her hands down in order to stand up again. Instead, she resorted to an ineffective scooting on her hiney with her hands high above her head. It didn't get her far, so she acted content to just sit and play with her loot (subtly lifting one leg in the air and holding it there when her ankle became exposed). Is this one of the side effects of apartment living? It just won't do! We'll be visiting Grandma and Grandpa a lot this summer for some grass avoidance intervention!

After the hunt, Rose checked out some flowers (a new favorite object) and enjoyed some strawberries in the chair that Grandpa made. Yum!

On Sunday, Rose and I returned to Hillsboro with Trevor to share Easter dinner with Kathy and Roger. Though the sun had disappeared, we enjoyed a few minutes in the yard and a delicious meal!

Yesterday, one of Rose's teachers sent me a picture I can't resist sharing. It catches Rose in an affectionate moment with one of her friends at the soap bubble touch tub. From the reports, she's been doing this a lot at daycare lately.

And I'll leave you with a short video of Rose goofing off in her highchair with dinner all over her face. She makes funny raspberries, fake laughs, and works briefly on a diaper project at the end. :)

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