Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Rose had an action packed Fourth of July weekend this year! On Friday, the day started with some exciting construction outside our kitchen window. Rose was enthralled with the big yellow digger as it lifted up pieces of the street and put them in the back of a big truck.

"Rock, rock" she would say while making the sign for rocks with her hands. Now when she looks through her books, and she sees a picture of a digger, she says "rock, rock" - showing her new talent for memory. The nice weather we've been having has brought other things of interest past our kitchen window. Motorcycles are a favorite right now, though for some reason they are called "bo-bo" with a funny version of the motorcycle sign done at the corner of her mouth instead of out in front of her. Sometimes they get a "voom-voom" too.

On Saturday, we had a nice family day with Dada - a tour of the neighborhood parks in the morning and a trip to the zoo in the afternoon.  Rose also widened her world of sports, getting some glimpses of the Women's World Cup and the Tour de France between baseball games.
On Sunday, Kathy and Roger took us all for brunch and a ride on a vintage steam powered train. Rose was fascinated by the steam and the train. And startled, but intrigued by the clanging, choo-chooing, and toot-tooting. I didn't get any pictures of the train on my iPhone, but here's Rose on the ride home.

On the Fourth of July, we headed out to Hillsboro for the parade - decked out in our red, white and blue.

Rose's friend Liam and his family came too. Here are Rose and Liam practicing their float entry for next year.

Rose loved watching the marching bands, horses, tractors, and people in the parade. She learned to "wa-who" at the things she especially appreciated. In the afternoon, Rose was the star of the BBQ - goofing off, saying new words and eating like a champ. The main event was a performance with pop-rocks. Instead of being wary of the mini-explosions, Rose jumped right in with the other kids throwing them on the ground and happily stomping on them to make them pop. Then emphatically asking for more, until the box ran out. She was one tired, gruby, little girl by the end of the day. Just as it should be.

I'll leave you with some toddler joy...

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