Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heightened Senses

Rose's awareness of her surroundings has taken a significant leap in the last few weeks. It is apparent in her new attempts at independence, her increased sensitivity to sounds, her recent difficulties at bedtime and her enjoyment in mimicking.

Yesterday, Rose learned how to say a new and very powerful word. She doesn't demand or command with it. Yet. She says it first as a sort of question. "Rose do you want some blackberries?" "No?" This is quickly followed by a more affirmative statement and a head shake. "No." (Sounding more like "Doh.") Sometimes she doesn't really mean no, but so far most of the time she means what she says and is just as willing to give me a "Yeah" or a nod if the answer is yes. Interestingly, so far, I'm the only person she says no to. The teachers at daycare swear they haven't heard it yet. That is, until I picked her up today. One of her teachers asked Rose if she was all done with snack. She turned around and looked me right in the eye and said "No."

Another recent change is a situational clinginess that happens when an odd or sudden sounds occur - even sounds Rose has been hearing her whole life, like mail trucks passing by the apartment, a beeping horn or Liam's footsteps as he runs down the hall. She gets a shocked look on her face and books it to the nearest parent for a hug or reassurance. We go out on the balcony and watch the garbage truck empty dumpsters into its trash compartment. She seems fascinated and asks for more after the truck leaves. But the next time it passes by, she is still unsure.

This current anxiety is adding to her new issues falling asleep at night, I think. Gone are the days of putting her in her crib with a kiss and a "night, night" and walking out. These nights, she screams with what sounds like fright when left alone. She quickly quiets and lays herself down if Trevor or I go into the bedroom, only to scream again once she's left alone. It takes a handful of these attempts before she falls asleep. It's not surprising. From what I've heard, she's at the age when dreams (and nightmares) start. There are plenty of sudden sounds passing by her window. It's light out when she gets in her crib. She is definitely starting to understand her own independence and that she is a separate person from Momma, which, while exciting for her, is probably terrifying on some level, too. And maybe she's just not that tired at 7pm anymore.

Rose has always loved her Dada, but lately she adores him. It is very sweet. I love to see the two of them making each other smile so much. Here is a picture of Rose in a set up that she created with our broken laptop. She asks for help to be put exactly in this position. She points to our working laptop and says "Dada" and then points to her laptop with a big smile. Just like Dada.

Rose often likes to do things exactly the way adults are doing them. Here is my solution so that I can have my drink to myself.

Yeah, I'm a big girl.

 At the toy store.

Here is a picture of what we spend most of our time doing - wandering the neighborhood and checking out rocks, flowers, and trees. Rain or shine.

We also have a lot of play dates. Here are Rose and one of her main men playing on the tractor at the zoo.

It's been fun to watch as Liam and Rose grow from playing next to each other to playing with each other a little. Liam comes running to Rose when they first see each other shouting "Ro-Ro!" And he's fond of bear hugging her to the ground. Rose loves to ape any sounds Liam makes (so she often is yelling "Ro-Ro!" too) and kisses him on the cheek once in a while. Their favorite activity is eating snacks next to each other sitting on the nearest step to be found when the urge hits.

Here is a picture Rose's teacher took the other day of Rose striking a pose at daycare.

And here is how I found Stripy Horse and Baby on the kitchen floor yesterday.

I would like to say it was an accident, but I watched as Rose brought Stripy Horse into the kitchen and gently placed him on unsuspecting Baby.

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