Friday, November 4, 2011

Go Beavs!

Rose has been traveling with us down to Corvallis for Beaver home games this fall. The drive is a bit long and she has trouble understanding why she can't walk to Corvallis instead of drive. But she has loads of fun once she arrives - tailgating with her parents and grandparents and hanging out with her cousins during the game. During the morning tailgating, the band usually marches by a few times, much to Rose's delight. She gets very excited about drumming of any kind and talks about the drummers in the band for the rest of the day. One week, we brought her into the game for the kick off and a few plays. It was nap time, but she was all eyes on the field and the crowd. She loves watching football (she woke up this morning, a Friday morning, requesting that we put football on the TV). And she's good at saying "Go Beavs!" when she sees an orange shirt, or any football game, or, lately, anytime we mention Grandma and Grandpa. After tailgating, I usually drive Rose to Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave's house so she can hang out with her cousins for a few hours (and hopefully take a little nap). She has a lot of fun discovering new toys and getting all sorts of attention. Here is a video of Rose enjoying the park with mom after a Beaver football game. It's a short one, but she imitates a siren in the background, which is pretty cute. 

More enjoying the park.

 Here's Rose during a snack break at Couch park on a cold, rainy day.

Rose spent a weekend with Grandma and Grandpa in October while Trevor and I followed the Beavers to Seattle for a game against WSU. We didn't make it to a pumpkin patch this year, but luckily Grandpa had some pumpkin activities planned.

Here is the coolest bike rack in our neighborhood. We walk by it on the way home from daycare and stop to do some driving. Driving is fun, if Rose is the one steering.

 For Halloween, Rose dressed up as a lion. She like roaring and discovering what candy is all about. By the end of the day, she was demanding blue M&Ms (though, she calls them cookies). Here are Rose and Trevor on the elevator going to the Schwabe Halloween party. The office halls were decorated for the holiday and most offices had a selection of candy - making for a good trick-or-treating experience (at least for the parents). Rose's favorite treat was a box of crayons and a coloring book. What a great idea!

Here's a happy, super sugared up lion on the walk home from Trevor's office.

Here's the lion trying to steal a bike. It kept insisting "MINE!" and had a hard time understanding that saying "mine" doesn't make it "mine".

Not only is Rose struggling with learning what's "mine" and what is not "mine", she is also working on taking turns, sharing and waiting. A lot of frustrating concepts for a 19 month old!

I'll leave you with a quick bath video. If you look closely, you'll see Rose's mischievous face - she's pretty proud about making her duck blow bubbles.