Thursday, December 20, 2012


Mack had his nine month appointment today. "Big Mack", as his doctor calls him. He's a healthy, happy boy. Doctor Birk always comments on how great his skin is for some reason. I thought all babies had healthy, good skin. "He's got beautiful skin. Fair, so every bump or rub makes him turn red. He's got great hair, what little he has of it." Funny comments, but good to know I guess. Mack is doing everything he's supposed to be doing at this point - sitting up straight, making repetitive consonant-vowel sounds, picking up little things and getting them into his mouth...crawling. Dr. Birk noticed that he bears his own weight pretty easily when he stands up, and said he'll probably be waking around a year. Oh boy. And he didn't seem too worried that Mack appears to have forgotten how to roll from tummy to back. Dr. Birk thinks it's for show.

Here are Macks stats:

Weight: 21 lbs, 12 oz - 85%
Height: 29 inches - 80%
Head: 45 cm - 50%

Here are Rose's at the same age:

Weight: 16 lbs, 13 oz -- 19%
Length: 28 inches -- 70%
Head Circ: 42.5 cm -- 24%

After Mack's appointment today, I had some time to burn before getting Rose from daycare. We went to the grocery store to get a few things for dinner (and some frozen peaches, on Dr. Birk's recommendation - apparently they work better than prunes, if you know what I mean). It was the first time I put Mack into the child seat part of the grocery cart. He was so cute watching everything in awe. It struck me that he hasn't had the exposure to people and places the way Rose had at his age - mostly because we live in a neighborhood now and not in the Pearl. Rose and I walked everywhere. And she came with me on most of my errands.

Being in the grocery with Mack brought back strong memories of the first time Rose had sat in the grocery cart. It was such a big deal to me to be able to just plop her into the cart and not have to carry her, or her car seat or put her in the bjorn. I remembered putting pictures on the blog about it, so I could recall exactly what she was wearing and how I felt that day.

Just now, I looked back at my blog entry for Rose's nine month appointment to get her stats. I was surprised to find out it was the same post with the grocery store milestone for her.

Speaking of milestones, Rose shocked me twice today. I picked her up a little early from daycare today, so the Twos were still in the outside play area. As I drove by and peeked in, I saw Rose on a tricycle, pedaling - competently and fast! I know it's not shocking that an almost three year old can pedal, but I had no idea. And she was good at it. When I mentioned it to her teachers, they looked at me like I was crazy. Apparently, Rose has been pedaling for months. Tonight I asked her if she pedals the trike Grandma and Grandpa have when she goes for rides. "No, Grandma pushes me." Hmm....

After I parked the car, I left Mack in his car seat and ran into the play area to get Rose. When she saw me, she screamed in delight. Then quickly told me she couldn't leave yet, jumped off her trike, and ran to the play house. When I caught up with her, she told me she couldn't leave yet because she and Marie were meeting up to make cupcakes for a birthday party. When Marie arrived at the play house, she told me she and "Rosie" were going to go to the store to buy cupcakes. Rose corrected her - they were going to make cupcakes by adding flour and sugar and sprinkles. Marie laughed and said "Rosie got sprinkles all over my dress!" Again, I really had no idea Rose had reached the point of such interactive play - remembering play plans to "meet" her friend, having conversations about what they were going to do, and working out differences in their visions of the plan. It was so fun to watch.

During bath time today, I noticed how different the skin tone is between Rose and Mack. Her skin looks olive compared to his. I wonder if that's a result of age, or if Mack really is that fair. So far their eyes and hair are pretty similar. Mack may have lighter eyes and darker hair, but it's so hard to tell at this point.

Here are some pictures from our Christmas Tree adventure earlier this month. Merry Christmas to all!


Monday, December 17, 2012


It official, Mack is crawling! We've had a few days of scooting and suspect crawling. I've been tempted to call it crawling, but each time I gave it a good look, there was something just off.  But he's got it now - in the arms and the legs. He's not fast and he doesn't go far, but he's on the move. Here's a video of what he got up to today while his big sister was napping. Ah, the freedom of riffling through all the toys without someone snatching them away, over and over, because they are too special. Only to replace them with the same old baby rattle you know like the back of your hand. You'll also see the challenge a hard wood floor presents when you're trying to learn to move about.

And in other big news, Rose has been napping without a diaper at daycare and staying dry. She's been potty trained for months now, but we had her official Potty Party last night - complete with balloons, cake and a few presents of new big girl undies and a new outfit. While Rose has been potty trained for a while, she went through a period of refusing to use the daycare potties. It all started when she didn't completely get her pants down and out of the way when she sat down one day. When the pants got all wet, she blamed the potty. For weeks she would use all other potties, except daycare potties. Some days she would insist on wearing diapers to daycare. Other days she would wear big girl undies, but hold it all morning until her nap time diaper was put on; then she'd unload, and hold it again all afternoon until I picked her up. Trevor promised her a potty party once she was willing to use the potties at daycare. Now she's a pro.

Here's Rose in her new outfit (for the second day in a row).

Trevor took Rose to the last Beaver game of the year a few weeks ago. Here's a picture of them on their way out the door for the 11:30 am game. The report from Trevor and Grandma was that Rose had a blast and loved every moment of it - from watching the cheerleaders warm up before the game, to the fireworks that went off with each Beaver touchdown to Benny the Beaver's antics on the field.

Practicing in front of the mirror.

Rose's first Santa sighting this year when we went to cut down our Christmas tree.

Securing the tree on the car...

The cookie decorating party this weekend at her good buddy Liam's house!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dear Mack

Dear Mack,
My son. My big boy. My baby. My second born. You are the sweetest baby I know. A happy, easy going, silly, loving baby. (Thank you.)
I love you with all my heart, as I love your sister. When she was a baby, I started a blog to describe her adventures. In the past nine months, I haven't found the time to keep up with her blog, or to do anything to chart your adventures, other than take a zillion photos and videos. While those images are great to have, they don't tell the details of who you are or what you've really been up to. And you've been up to so much.
First of all, you've been growing a ton. 98th percentile all the way. A bouncing, roly-poly baby boy. At your sixth month appointment you weighed 19 pounds! And measured 28.5 inches long. You have six teeth already! Four on the top and two on the bottom.
You have been a great sitter for months now. People comment on your good posture - you sit with your back straight and your thunder thighs anchoring you down. Nothing is going to tip you over, except your sister when she tries really hard. But you forgive her immediately, meeting her next rushing tackle with a huge grin. Over and over and over. These days, you look like you're thinking about crawling. Moving on to all fours, but not quite getting the legs right, yet. You can pivot on your bum and scoot backwards a bit. You tend to end up under the table, or backed up against a wall - to your frustration.
You've become a good eater, too. Right now you love Cheerios, beans of all types, my super porridge (oatmeal and split peas), avocado, banana, Lima beans, squash and Daddy says you ate half a container of cottage cheese the other name a few.
Speaking of Daddy, you two love to watch football together. Every Sunday, when I go to swimming with Rose, you and Daddy sit on the couch watching the games. You gnaw happily on a toy and hang out, much to his delight, I think.
On Mondays, you, me and Rose go to music class together. You love it. Bouncing to the beat, chewing on the instruments, dancing with me and other moms, watching the older kids. You're a good sport.
One funny difference (there are many) between you and your sister. She loves Scamper the cat. You burst into tears anytime you see Scamper - even if she is just sleeping next to Grandpa. One similarity, you've had some good naps on Grandpa, just like she did.
You've really started to talk, lately. Your favorites are MaMaMa (said in a deep growl), DaDaDa (said in a higher, clear pitch) and GaGaGa (very staccato). Speaking of growling, growls were one of your first sounds. And your favorite. Long, deep growls. Funny guy.
You love to give kisses, big, open mouth, gooey kisses. You lean forward slowly, towards the target and hope to land a yawning smooch. It's super sweet. When I picked you up from daycare the other day, you were giving some to Teacher Maggie. She deserves them. It melted my heart. You love to give them to daddy, too. I love to watch.
Right now, you love your daddy. No matter what state you're in, tired, hungry, sad...when he walks into the room you have a big smile just for him. And your big smile is quite something.
I wish I had more time in my days to give you more of me. I loved our time together before I went back to work and I miss it. It's a joy to be part of our family team with you, though. You are my son, my baby and my Mackado. I love you.


Friday, November 30, 2012

Back At It

After eight months of silence, I'm finally getting back at it! I've revamped and updated the blog to match our current family structure. I tried to think of some clever blog names, but when my best efforts resulted in things such as Rose and Mackaroni, I knew it was a lost cause. I was able to secure a new url for the blog: Pretty cool. And I created email accounts for both kiddos, mostly because I have things I want to say right now that I'll forget in a few years. And I'm not sure I want to say them on a blog. If anyone else is interested in sending Rose or Mack a message or two, now or later, here are the addresses: and

Here are some pictures of Mack, his first days and the last month to start. Hopefully, I'll find time to fill in the montage for both Rose and Mack in the next few posts.

Day one at the hospital, March 22, 2012; 7 pounds, 7 ounces; 21 inches. Welcome, Mack Morris, our big, happy, sweet boy!


At two weeks:

And last month, at seven months old:

And Rose this month (two year olds are hard to slow down long enough for a picture):

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Rose!

We successfully celebrated Rose's second birthday this weekend, thanks to some cooperation by her little brother who didn't arrive early to thwart our plans. Hopefully, he'll stay put long enough to escape sharing a birthday with his sister for the rest of his life. We kept it simple again this year, but tried to incorporate as much purple as possible. Grandma and Grandpa came over to help celebrate, help play and help out in general. We all dined on the favorite hot dogs grilled with love by Daddy. Put that together with presents, a handful of Skyping sessions, cupcakes and a trip to the park, and you get one tired, content toddler. The evening ended with the adults sitting around the baby monitor listening to Rose sing herself to sleep (something she rarely does). What was she singing? "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...." And then she was out. Here are some pictures Grandpa took of the afternoon.

Rose, are you excited about your birthday party?


 Guess who's idea this present was?

Rose had to try on every outfit she got. At least it's a good time of year for layering.

Food for cutting and serving. It's serious business.

But so much fun to feed baby in her new highchair.

A new scooter and helmet! I think she was equally excited about both.

Even though it was snowing earlier in the day, we lucked out with a sunny afternoon.

I was so proud of Rose for how quickly she took to riding her scooter. She was fearless. She doesn't quite have the two feet on concept, but she could push it around with one foot right off the bat. 

 "Happy Birthday to you..."

And after a few tries she blew out the candle, though I think the "make a wish" part escaped her.

Today, daycare celebrated with a specatular handmade paper hat, snacks and another rendition of Happy Birthday. Rose seems quite comfortable in the spotlight.

Happy Birthday Rose Amelia Livingston!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Almost Two

Yes, our little girl is just weeks away from turning two! And our little family is just weeks away from the arrival of number two, in the form of Rose's little brother. We have had busy times over the past few months, including lots of holiday festivities, visits from all the grandparents, moving into our new house and exploring our new neighborhood.

Rose's vocabulary and sentence building skills are still exploding with new words, phrases, songs and stories every day. She loves to describe events as they are happening and talk about them at length for days (such as, "The snow on the car melted and turned to water, but there's a little bit on the grass."). She talks about how she's feeling when she's happy and when she's sad ("I'm sad, I miss Sheepers."). Lately she likes to talk about things she did "last week" meaning any time before the present time ("I saw Grandpa last week.").

In our new neighborhood, Rose enjoys walks to visit the playground, the library, the neighbors' chickens, the ice cream parlor with her dad ("Bye-bye Momma, see you soon."), and the local pizza joint ("Pizza! At the restaurant, Momma."). Rose is still taking swimming classes and loves the water. She jumps into the pool with a big, proud smile on her face and loves to go under water with my help. This week, she tried out goggles and loved them. When she has floating rings on her arms, she is pretty comfortable floating by herself ("By self, Momma!").

The terrible twos have probably been developing for a little while now, though maybe I have no idea what I'm in for in the next year. At least when she says no lately, it's in the form of "No thanks!" or "No thank you!" It doesn't quite make up for the impending tantrum, but it's better than plain "No" all the time.

Here are a few random pictures from the past few months and two videos:

At OMSI, our science museum:

One of our last walks in the Pearl before moving. Rose gets lots of compliments on her purse from Auntie April!

Brunch with Grandpa Quinn and Nana.

Enjoying the wheeled madness at our local community center open gym.

Just another stroll through the 'hood.

Being silly after pulling out her ponytail holders. "Crazy hair, Momma!"

Winter, revisited in March.

Petting the week old lambs at Tige and Peggy's farm. Such fun!

Going down the slide with Nonni.


And we'll end with the famous coat flip that I was finally able to capture on video over the holidays.