Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Rose!

We successfully celebrated Rose's second birthday this weekend, thanks to some cooperation by her little brother who didn't arrive early to thwart our plans. Hopefully, he'll stay put long enough to escape sharing a birthday with his sister for the rest of his life. We kept it simple again this year, but tried to incorporate as much purple as possible. Grandma and Grandpa came over to help celebrate, help play and help out in general. We all dined on the favorite hot dogs grilled with love by Daddy. Put that together with presents, a handful of Skyping sessions, cupcakes and a trip to the park, and you get one tired, content toddler. The evening ended with the adults sitting around the baby monitor listening to Rose sing herself to sleep (something she rarely does). What was she singing? "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...." And then she was out. Here are some pictures Grandpa took of the afternoon.

Rose, are you excited about your birthday party?


 Guess who's idea this present was?

Rose had to try on every outfit she got. At least it's a good time of year for layering.

Food for cutting and serving. It's serious business.

But so much fun to feed baby in her new highchair.

A new scooter and helmet! I think she was equally excited about both.

Even though it was snowing earlier in the day, we lucked out with a sunny afternoon.

I was so proud of Rose for how quickly she took to riding her scooter. She was fearless. She doesn't quite have the two feet on concept, but she could push it around with one foot right off the bat. 

 "Happy Birthday to you..."

And after a few tries she blew out the candle, though I think the "make a wish" part escaped her.

Today, daycare celebrated with a specatular handmade paper hat, snacks and another rendition of Happy Birthday. Rose seems quite comfortable in the spotlight.

Happy Birthday Rose Amelia Livingston!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Almost Two

Yes, our little girl is just weeks away from turning two! And our little family is just weeks away from the arrival of number two, in the form of Rose's little brother. We have had busy times over the past few months, including lots of holiday festivities, visits from all the grandparents, moving into our new house and exploring our new neighborhood.

Rose's vocabulary and sentence building skills are still exploding with new words, phrases, songs and stories every day. She loves to describe events as they are happening and talk about them at length for days (such as, "The snow on the car melted and turned to water, but there's a little bit on the grass."). She talks about how she's feeling when she's happy and when she's sad ("I'm sad, I miss Sheepers."). Lately she likes to talk about things she did "last week" meaning any time before the present time ("I saw Grandpa last week.").

In our new neighborhood, Rose enjoys walks to visit the playground, the library, the neighbors' chickens, the ice cream parlor with her dad ("Bye-bye Momma, see you soon."), and the local pizza joint ("Pizza! At the restaurant, Momma."). Rose is still taking swimming classes and loves the water. She jumps into the pool with a big, proud smile on her face and loves to go under water with my help. This week, she tried out goggles and loved them. When she has floating rings on her arms, she is pretty comfortable floating by herself ("By self, Momma!").

The terrible twos have probably been developing for a little while now, though maybe I have no idea what I'm in for in the next year. At least when she says no lately, it's in the form of "No thanks!" or "No thank you!" It doesn't quite make up for the impending tantrum, but it's better than plain "No" all the time.

Here are a few random pictures from the past few months and two videos:

At OMSI, our science museum:

One of our last walks in the Pearl before moving. Rose gets lots of compliments on her purse from Auntie April!

Brunch with Grandpa Quinn and Nana.

Enjoying the wheeled madness at our local community center open gym.

Just another stroll through the 'hood.

Being silly after pulling out her ponytail holders. "Crazy hair, Momma!"

Winter, revisited in March.

Petting the week old lambs at Tige and Peggy's farm. Such fun!

Going down the slide with Nonni.


And we'll end with the famous coat flip that I was finally able to capture on video over the holidays.