Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dear Mack

Dear Mack,
My son. My big boy. My baby. My second born. You are the sweetest baby I know. A happy, easy going, silly, loving baby. (Thank you.)
I love you with all my heart, as I love your sister. When she was a baby, I started a blog to describe her adventures. In the past nine months, I haven't found the time to keep up with her blog, or to do anything to chart your adventures, other than take a zillion photos and videos. While those images are great to have, they don't tell the details of who you are or what you've really been up to. And you've been up to so much.
First of all, you've been growing a ton. 98th percentile all the way. A bouncing, roly-poly baby boy. At your sixth month appointment you weighed 19 pounds! And measured 28.5 inches long. You have six teeth already! Four on the top and two on the bottom.
You have been a great sitter for months now. People comment on your good posture - you sit with your back straight and your thunder thighs anchoring you down. Nothing is going to tip you over, except your sister when she tries really hard. But you forgive her immediately, meeting her next rushing tackle with a huge grin. Over and over and over. These days, you look like you're thinking about crawling. Moving on to all fours, but not quite getting the legs right, yet. You can pivot on your bum and scoot backwards a bit. You tend to end up under the table, or backed up against a wall - to your frustration.
You've become a good eater, too. Right now you love Cheerios, beans of all types, my super porridge (oatmeal and split peas), avocado, banana, Lima beans, squash and Daddy says you ate half a container of cottage cheese the other name a few.
Speaking of Daddy, you two love to watch football together. Every Sunday, when I go to swimming with Rose, you and Daddy sit on the couch watching the games. You gnaw happily on a toy and hang out, much to his delight, I think.
On Mondays, you, me and Rose go to music class together. You love it. Bouncing to the beat, chewing on the instruments, dancing with me and other moms, watching the older kids. You're a good sport.
One funny difference (there are many) between you and your sister. She loves Scamper the cat. You burst into tears anytime you see Scamper - even if she is just sleeping next to Grandpa. One similarity, you've had some good naps on Grandpa, just like she did.
You've really started to talk, lately. Your favorites are MaMaMa (said in a deep growl), DaDaDa (said in a higher, clear pitch) and GaGaGa (very staccato). Speaking of growling, growls were one of your first sounds. And your favorite. Long, deep growls. Funny guy.
You love to give kisses, big, open mouth, gooey kisses. You lean forward slowly, towards the target and hope to land a yawning smooch. It's super sweet. When I picked you up from daycare the other day, you were giving some to Teacher Maggie. She deserves them. It melted my heart. You love to give them to daddy, too. I love to watch.
Right now, you love your daddy. No matter what state you're in, tired, hungry, sad...when he walks into the room you have a big smile just for him. And your big smile is quite something.
I wish I had more time in my days to give you more of me. I loved our time together before I went back to work and I miss it. It's a joy to be part of our family team with you, though. You are my son, my baby and my Mackado. I love you.


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