Monday, January 14, 2013

Leaps and Bounds

We're speeding our way into 2013. I can't believe it's already halfway through January. Two big birthdays are fast approaching. I find myself answering the "How old is she?" question with, "She'll be three in March." Instead of, "Two." I'm still counting months with Mack, though. "Ten months" - I said today. I guess I'm a few days ahead of myself.
Mack is now a solid crawler. He's not really pulling himself up to stand much, yet, though - once in awhile on an open dishwasher door or the side of the bath tub. He does like to put his hands on the floor or your lap and straighten his legs into a clumsy down-dog type pose. When I hold his hands to encourage a few steps, he seems mostly confused and laughs and plops down on his bum. He loves clapping. It brings a big proud smile to his face every time he remembers he can do it.
He's eating almost everything at this point, except nuts, honey and egg whites. I just tried listing his favorite foods, but the list started getting too long. Everything is his favorite. He's a good eater.
He's still getting up a few times a night. More when he has a cold or a tooth coming in, which feels like every night. On a good night, he's up once or twice. But that seems to only happen once a week.
He's getting to be pretty chatty. We've heard a lot of different sounds, but lately he's really focused on da-da. Here's a video of me trying to encourage some ma-mas.


Rose is doing great, too. Her verbal skills impress me everyday. It's so fun to watch her pick up new words and phrases and then try them out on her own almost immediately. Right now she's really into the alphabet. "Mommy, what does 'baby' start with?"; "Mommy, what does 'Sheepers' start with?" and on and on. She has accurately picked out some letters on signs randomly while looking out the window in the car. "Mommy, there's a 'T'!" But she only knows a few...I think. Today she told me that "R" was her favorite because Rose starts with an R. Usually, when you ask her what her favorite of anything is, her response is some version of: "All of them!" "Rose, what's your favorite color - red, blue or purple?" "I like red, blue AND purple!"

Here's a video of Rose making some of her first catches. And check out her throwing arm! That's my girl!

And here's a quick clip from swim class last week. She's made huge improvements in the last year - from refusing to get into the bath tub for months to jumping in the pool on her own.

Mack and Rose are both napping right now. But my quiet is about to end any second. I like these moments of time to myself when they sync up their naps so I can catch up on household chores or my own hygiene. But I also love the moments of one-on one I get with each of them on those days when they tag-team nap. Laundry and showers can always wait another day.

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