Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mendel's Peas

Mack and Rose are so different from each other, that I've accepted it as the truth. Mack will develop differently than Rose. I just expect it. She was my tiny baby. He's humongous. She is a girl who has known what she wanted from the day she was born. He rolls with the punches without breaking his grin. She crawled around seven months. He waited until eight. She loves rules and order and predictability. He barely notices the chaos in his life or whether he's had one nap or two. Or none. She loves protein and snubs carbohydrates. He loves carbohydrates...and protein. Her big belly is firm. His is soft. She learned "that's not a toy" means "that's not a toy" before she could walk. He, instead, hears "that's the most exciting toy in the house." And on and on and on....

Then something happens and I'm reminded how similar they are. Like last Saturday when Mack got his hands on my iPhone. Instead of trying to eat it, he picked it up, looked at it for a second or two, then put it up to his ear. Just like Rose when she was his age. I almost fell over.

He looked so chagrined when nothing spectacular happened. He keeps trying.

Bath time is a favorite for both kiddos. Lately, Mack will stare at the water, pause, then dunk his face. He comes up laughing, sometimes sputtering, and then does it all over again. Rose did this exact same thing - once.

Three days ago Mack started pointing. When Rose comes in the room he extends his index finger as long as it goes and it follows her around the room. Accompanied by a grin, of course. It's as if he's found a way to access a new compartment in his brain. It's such a simple gesture, but such a large step in communication and learning. I can't do it justice.

Neither Rose nor Mack perfected rolling from back to front before learning to crawl. Mack, just like Rose, learned to crawl from a sitting position. And if he somehow ends up on his back, he's stuck like a turtle. It's so odd considering all the advances he's making in other areas.  He's pulling himself up on anything he can find. He has also learned to sit himself back down again - deliberately and slowly. He picks up balls and places them in the right holes. He takes Rose's hollow blocks and makes a rattle by (proudly) placing the smallest one inside a bigger one. He's knows that Sheepers is something special, even if Sheepers is no longer soft or pretty. Any Sheepers sighting elicits a huge smile and a "daaat, daaat!" - and there's no sidetracking him with his own fluffy, clean options.

Here's a clip of our buddy just being Mackers (created using a cool new app).

Here's Mack on one of his first swing rides with a little help from his sister.

(Removing Rose being her awesome swimming self video due to issues from the getting-to-be-not-so-cool new app.)

And her first self-composed song (the cool new app kind of takes over, but you get the idea).

As different as they are in my eyes, they are two peas in a pod. And considering the spectrum of all the children in the world, they are definitely siblings.