Tuesday, April 2, 2013

To Every Thing There is a Season

For the last year, my days have been defined and organized around being the mother of a toddler and an infant. The amount of learning and growth that has taken place under our roof this past year is astonishing. It has been an amazing year. It has been an exhausting year.

I am now the mother of a one year old and a three year old. It's only been a week or so and I am all ready better rested. Happy Birthday Rose and Mack!

Let's start with the stats. The kiddos had their annual appointments together. An ingenious idea, I thought. It turns out that having a naked, excited, babbling three year old in a small exam room makes it really hard to concentrate on or hear anything the doctor is saying. Not to mention a one year old who really wants to open all the drawers within reach, and either slam a finger or screech in frustration that the drawer won't open (because mommy's knee is nailing it shut). But from what I remember these are the numbers:

Mack: 30 inches, 23 pounds.
Rose: 36 inches; 30 pounds.

While birthdays are an obvious milestone for both Mack and Rose since my last post, there have been a lot of other big changes as well. For instance, the night Rose told me she didn't need a diaper anymore. And she was right. And the next night when she told me that she didn't need me to wake her up in the middle of the night to pee. She was right again. It's been weeks without an accident. Bye-bye diapers!

On St. Patrick's Day, with the help of Grandma, Grandpa, Nellie and Tim. Rose and Mack celebrated the Big Bed Swap; in which Rose moved from her crib to a big girl bed and Mack moved from a mini crib into Rose's crib. No problem.

At the end of March, Mack moved from the infant room to the wobbler room at daycare. This means only one nap a day, sitting in chairs at mealtime, using a spoon and sippy cup and a lot more biting, from what I remember. At the end of March, I also finished weaning Mack; much to my dismay (he was totally unfazed).

 Mack is building a vocabulary. I haven't quite figured it all out yet, but he definitely can sign "Milk" with vigorous hand motions and identify a ball (or egg or cantaloupe) as a "bal-bal". He LOVES balls. He loves to throw and catch and cuddle and talk about balls. He gets so excited when he sees them in the backyard out of his window from his changing table. And he gets so frustrated when he can't get to them.

Last Sunday, Mack amazed us all (or at least his mom) and took his first steps in front of a full house at Aunt Debbie and Uncle Peter's Easter dinner. And then he did it again in the next room, to make sure everyone saw.

There are so many fun details to every day that I wish I could write down and share. And I know I'm missing putting down some major events, too. Trevor and I are so lucky that we've been given the opportunity to share our lives with these two amazing kiddos; and that includes the moments when we're all crying at the same time.

Now the fun stuff....

At the park.

Another milestone - Rose's first haircut!

I love it when these two play together. They both love the easel.

At the park, again.

Getting ready to scooter all over the park.

Anticipating the arrival of Grandma and Grandpa.

Guess where? The park!

In case you're wondering, she's turning three.

And Sheepers turned 10 (that's two 5's on the hat).


And Mack turned one. He wanted the candle, but made do with frosting.

Hello? It's my birthday!

 I like my truck. And I really like putting my golf ball inside the back. It's super fun.

A recent favorite activity at the park.

A super special zoo day with Daddy.

We all love spring.

Easter egg hunt!

Da-dee! (Dog).

So proud, then so frustrated!

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